Best of 2009

As I slowly build this list, I realize one very important thing: I really didn't play that many games in 2009. Now, I did play some, certainly, otherwise I wouldn't presume to tell you what some of the best were. It's interesting though- there's not one game on my list that wasn't a product of the AAA hype machine. Not a one on here that I decided to take a chance on, not a one that wasn't expected to knock our socks off from the moment it was announced. Now this doesn't mean nothing else is good, but as a person with limited time and money for videogames, these are what I play. It's sad in a way, but I'd rather be sure that what I'm getting is quality, even if it's a known quantity. I'm rarely invited to take a chance on something unknown because of the constant bombardment of these huge titles. Even when there's not a huge new game out, my time is likely being eaten up by some multiplayer component- I spent more time playing Halo 3 multiplayer this year than I did with anything else. It's now how I'd ideally experience games, but it's the way the industry is positioned, and unlikely to change anytime soon. In a month, Mass Effect 2 will undoubtedly beat out Dark Void for my time, even though I'd love to see what's up with Dark Void. It's not like Dark Void goes away, but my time will be occupied with other things, other games, and eventually it will fade away and I'll never see it, even though I certainly would like to. With that in mind here are my favorites from '09:

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Posted by Gump

That's a great list, though I'd put Pokémon Platinum over the Halo games... Still a great list, though! :)

Posted by jNerd

I played all these games except Origins..... I liked Fallout way too much. 
I was thinkin about grabbing Origins for $35 on Black Friday but I bought L4D2 for an X-Mas present instead.