Underutilized Universes

Some franchises have just amazing fiction but games that just don't match up to, or only display one aspect of, that fiction. Here are some of those franchises and how I would make an awesome game for that franchise.

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Posted by Dustpan

Republic Commando is one of my favorite video games over all time. I'm so frustrated that there was never a sequel!

Posted by Habast

True, Star Wars has a lot more potential than it often lives up to. I've read quite a few of the books, and while a lot of them are less than stellar, some of them are actually really good, some of the best writing I've read. I'd like a game developer to bring aboard one of the more accomplished authors who have helped craft the SW universe to help create the story. Timothy Zahn and Michael Reaves are probably my favorites.

The Jedi Knight games were fantastic. I actually recently started replaying through Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith again. Despite the extremely dated graphics, the games still shine, in my opinion. I wish there were more unique shooters like those around nowadays. :/

I also liked Republic Commando. And loved the KOTOR games to death and back again. But I've been nothing but disappointed with Star Wars games as of late. A shame.