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Crawl has added a fair amount of beasts since it's release on Early Access and I've had a ton of fun with it with my friends since then. Obviously playing as the monsters is the most fun part of the game, so I was wondering what everyone's favourite monster(s) are and why?

For me, it's gotta be the mushroom. For whatever reason I get a ton of devious enjoyment from running around spewing acid and spawning other mushrooms to annoy my friends.

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I need their specific findings on gamers by gender breakdown from August 2014 for a stats project I'm working on in school, but I can only find articles about their findings. All the links to the PDF embedded in the articles seem to be broken. Does anyone have screen grabs of the PDF, or the file itself? It would be much appreciated.

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I've been subbed to giantbomb for a while now and have been happily gorging on their premium content in my free time and I have barely scratched the surface. I assume with the recent membership sales and the holiday season, many have probably treated themselves to a subscription. So I thought it might be nice for everyone to post their favourite piece(s) of premium content whether it be Mario Party Party, MGScanlon, or a UPF from years ago.

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Just sent my request, Xbox Live Gamertag: Nacho Levi

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@corruptedevil: Yeah but what's the point of living in the future if everything isn't automated/done for me?

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@nightriff: I can get better lighting, which I've tried, but it only seems to change the level of wrongness of the skin tone unfortunately.

@corruptedevil: I saw that, but my beard is much thicker than Jeff's. To the point where a computer might have trouble defining my jaw line.

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I've been trying to make a game face all day, but no matter what I do, my jawline is always malformed and the skin on my neck is somewhere between grey and black. The rest of my face is fine, I'm starting to think that my beard may be the issue. Is anyone else having this problem? Anyone have a solution?

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@bisonhero: yeah, I figured that it was just a thing where only "industry people" had access to it. And it's my understanding that the devs plan to put it out on early access in around a month. I've just been sitting on some cash that I intend to spend on crawl, however I /could/ also spend it on nidhogg and/or samurai gunn should Crawl not be as good as it looks. Also worth mentioning the devs have a rebalances and new bosses on the way.

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I am immensley interested in this game, especially after the UPF, QL, and Pizza Party videos. The Bomb crew seemed to have a ton of fun, with the exception of the boss fight. What I'd like to know is, has anyone out there spent any hands on time with this game? If so, is it as fun as it looks?

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Thanks for the info everyone! I look forward to the (hopefully) inevitable return of The Last Canadians, even if it may be a ways off. Kinda hope they'll be able to rope some new faces into the mix too.