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Submit your Super Smash Bros. Characters here:

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Peace for now.

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@mlarrabee: I feel like they should do more children's games Quick Looks - with the Caravella's.

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The last time I heard 8 people on a single show was back in the glory days- I can't even remember how that went. No excessive silences- and I may support a Skyrim or Batman stalemate- but hopefully not too many sacrifices will be made.

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My brief adventure in Valkyria Chronicles land leads me to believe that it would be fun from a strategy perspective- and not terrible from a story end- but there are so many small pauses in the story/gameplay that we would go insane waiting for something to happen- and Patrick- by himself- would run out of inbetween material. But hey- I don't watch that much Patrick material.

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I think a part of why Jason hasn't been on in the past because wife/family time.
Walking into Bombcast tradition- it made sense to not be a locked weekly member if that was his concern.

I'd support him and Lisa being a bigger part of the site content- and agree with perspective added bonuses.

But if the reason he's not a regular member- or has not been- is family- I fully support that.

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Ordered mine from Amazon - hoping to use it for down time and for a full-on-console that's portable enough to bring home when I visit my family and the like. Being able to pop it in a bag and play with my family whenever it's convenient is a big plus. Hoping that the features pay off and I can save myself from not having a console for the PS3 exclusives that are coming down the pipe.

@Wolfgame That's a pain. I feel like the Memory issues of the Vita/TV is the last large bastion of Sony's old husk.

Hopefully they can find it in there heart to allow for more/lower cost storage.

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I think all of the component parts are great- "Metal Gear", Drew, Dan- etc.

I think Dan and Drew have good video chemistry together.

But I also felt like Drew's response felt like he wasn't going to change his perspective of the "Metal Gear" any time soon.

Dan is quick on the trigger to give away story components.

It is a stealth game...

I do honestly enjoy more obscure or less accessible games- to MGS- which- plot aside- is neither of these things.

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So I'm looking to buy this Vizio from Wal-Mart - as they have the lowest price at $549.99.

I've had success buying electronics from Costco or Amazon- but based on your experience- how does their electronics warranty/customer service/return policy play out in real life?

Thanks for your help!