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Its up.

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@zonerender: Generally agree with your sentiments. The biggest win is in the hands of those who just couldn't do the regular check in. Hopefully they will create a middle ground.

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Thanks for all you have done Dave. Thanks for your example as diligent product manager- and more importantly- being a father in this time and place.

Thanks. See you soon.

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When attempting to stream- animation- but no file load or playback.

When attempting to download a Bombcast from the Bombcast page:


This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

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Voted X-COM as numbers/excitement/lifespan in conversation winner.

Second- if it was purely a review metric scenario- would be Mark of the Ninja for most consistent highs.


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I'm Christian- Mormon (Nick name for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

The religions followed by characters involved aren't very much of a concern- so much as what the practical implementation of said beliefs are.

A while back- after reading an article by a leader in the church- I decided that I would do my best to not have my characters do things I wouldn't do.

A more extreme example was my play through of Dishonored- which - both after thinking about the actual nature of the character I was playing (protector of the Empress- overall good guy- trying to not get corrupted- probably a friend of many of the soldiers and people involved)- and the logic I mentioned previous.

I didn't steal or kill if I could help it- which left me more broke then the norm- but also seeing the mechanics of the game in a different light as well.

One of the major points that I took away was the issue of dissonance of what we do in virtual words and how we treat those around us as well as life in general.

I don't automatically expect that those who would do something in a video game would do the exact same thing in real life- but I don't personally want that to become a regular part of my way of life.

In the mindset of belief relative to games- the issue I tend to run into the most is tendency of games to pander to what are less constructive and more base natures of humanity.

Gratuitous and out of character or sometimes entirely out of context content that games would probably not have missed in all reality.

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9.5 from Game Informer. They don't always agree with the rest of the world- but probably a good sign.

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I stopped keeping track of the Hotspot when it started to shift out of its original spectrum- and into more of a 1UP Yours mentality.

I've been a Gamespot UK Podcast regular- so I'm curious if I should try America again.

For me- Gamespot is the site I look to for a final word when it comes to news and the gaming market as a whole- I look to 1UP for the heady stuff- Giant Bomb for the everything in the middle- and the skits- and then Game Informer for the bigger picture and comparison.