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As I see it the problem was lots of people who jumped to GBs "Defense" wanted to make this an issue about Giant Bomb specifically. Yes the critics were pointing at the hiring decision as something they didn't agree with, but it was meant to be taken within the context of an industry that is woefully homogeneous and even though Dan and Jason are well qualified and I'm sure they'll do great, it's still kind of disappointing to see another chance at getting some more diverse voices added going to people who largely come from a similar background as other game journalists. They were critiquing the industry as a whole, this whole situation just happened to be the most recent example that they could bring attention to. My sympathies go out to the GB crew and to their critics, because this whole thing got out of hand very fast and we lost the chance to have what could have been a positive debate about diversity in video game journalism.

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I don't think that 2 is necessarily better, I think it's a different kind of game. Saints Row 2 is a Black Comedy. You character is the crazy psychopath that everyone else just sort of reacts to. Saints 3 and 4 are more akin to a Jackass brand of comedy. You are the straight man reacting to a batshit crazy world. It's a matter of preference more than actual quality.

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So they pulled a Thief. I hope this doesn't start a trend

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I'm a little of the weary side on this one. I loved Witcher 1 and 2, but with this and Dragon Age aiming to be "more like Skyrim" I'm uneasy about where I'm going to find my top notch linear RPGs anymore.

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I think Infamous deserves props for having the stones to not turn itself into a trilogy like every other damn series out there and give itself a proper ending.

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It's gotta be some version of the Indoctrination Theory. It is known.

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2 minutes into Skyrim. Prisoner cart will not stop moving even after hitting a wall. Can't get out and actually start playing the game. PC Version.

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I like the comic on the PS3 better than actually playing ME1, the gameplay in that game, on the PC at least is sometimes painful

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Victory! Sweet Victory! #242

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#367.  I see what you did with the bell one. Very clever, very clever indeed...

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