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I really admire Beatles,their music,their influence everything. 
While I am glad to hear that additional DLCs are coming after the release of the game, I am still disappointed by the fact that, "Revolver", my favorite album of theirs continues to be largely ignored. I think they should release it's DLC as well since it was as influential as Rubber Soul or Sgt.Pepper's were. 

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Tarantino is a genius when it comes depicting the pop-culture in the way that would appeal to huge crowds and shock others at the same time. 
As far as I am concerned, I have loved nearly every Tarantino movie (that excludes Death Proof and his other co-directorial ventures).  
Pulp Fiction of course is my favorite just for the sole reason of how it breaks the perception in people's mind that "legendary movies always have complex or convulated stories". Well-written and witty dialogues,interesting and charming characters and a simplistic plot is what basically makes a great movie in my mind. You don't need  long-winded,confusing stories to score big. 
I can't wait for Inglourious Basterds. It's slated for a release few weeks later here but I will nonetheless watch it. 
Also,this is only what I believe. I like "chatty" Tarantino movies more than the action ones. Kill Bill Vol 1 is an exception of course.

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Great article. 
It should be given to all new-gamers titled as "Initiation to the Newbies" or something.Articles like these if published in couple of widely circulated publications can go a great deal in changing people's perception about video-gaming.

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Superb list. Hats off to you,man for stealing some words from my mouth on some of those games. 
StarCraft was the only RTS I truly ever liked and Crysis has to be one of the most enjoyable FPS in recent times. FFXIII looks good. As a long time FF fan, I too wish they would return to the FFVIII setting with more turn-based injected into the battle system.

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Play SotN first. Not only because it's the easiest game to get into for a newbie of a series but also because it's got arguably the most immersive atmosphere along with music in the entire series. 
Or if you want a more traditional approach ,start with Dracula X. Whatever you do,you shouldn't miss the GBA Castlevania games like Circle to the Moon or Aria of Sorrow because they rank amongst some of the best in the series as well. 

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I remember playing Realms of Arkania Blades of Destiny which I think was based on Dark Eye world and was made by some other German developer as well.

Drakensang looks interesting though. I loved NWN,and if this game is similar to it, I may consider getting it.
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The first Borat was pretty awful but scored in the shock+offensive department. Let's see how this one turns out to be.

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I've not heard of many of the games on that list. Guess I've been safe from the bad lot so far. :P

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@Suicrat-- Well,well. It turns out that "ignore" means "to neglect something". So basically I am right about this. I agree that negligant would have been the better word, but "ignore" isn't a wrong word by any means in this case.

@JazzyJeff- Yeah,I love ironies too. Especially when it's of something I said about. ;)

@Alex_Murphy-- I think the points you're making are irrelevant considering Juno was a fictional character. She may have heard about Soupy Sales from somewhere. If you can hear about so many media personalities from that era, I am sure she could have come across Soupy Sales. It's just a matter of what kind of sources she's exposed to.
And do you think a 16 year old girl is REALLY mature enough to raise a kid? Do you seriously believe that a  teen girl (and we are talking about any 16-year old girl in general) is capable to raise a child properly? I definitely don't think so.
What Juno did in the movie was ethically proper,rather than aborting the kid or raising it in an unsuitable atmosphere.
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I think this is obviously a DLC that is aimed at creating more interest about the game than actually a fully-fledged game-related DLC. But I guess there will be many who will give away 10 bucks without any hesitancy for this "meh" type of DLC.