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Thanks for the clearing up.

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Do you have to have all the songs unlocked to have them all transferred, or could you just get the disc, not even go through the story, and get all the songs put in Rock Band 2?

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Your family sounds like the epitome of Casual gamers. They don't know about the gaming process and think that stereotype is true for anyone who play good games.

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Lightwarrior: What about Valkeryia Chronicles? It was an original IP that received high scores.

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Citizen: I didn't play many 08 released games last year ironically. GTA4 is a good choice though.
Zombie: That is a hard choice to choose from those three.

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In your opinion, what was the best game of 2008(or worded better, what was your favorite game of 08)? I would choose Chrono Trigger DS. I know it is a remake(I played the original), but the game was just as entertaining playing it again as was the first time I picked it up. Nothing was taken out, but things were added into it(videoclips, a new ending [rumor], a new dungeon, and a monster trainer). Square-Enix made a good move by remaking it. Now, if only they would do that with some of their othe backtitled games(Seiken Denetsu 3, Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve series, Xenogears, etc).

If it was an original IP, then I would say LittleBigPlanet. It used the PS3 in a way that no one(at the time) thought about using it as. You would expect a game like that on the PC.

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I must agree with Knights. I hope for more safety in 09 than in 08.

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Kajan: If I had that power, I could manipulate my age also. If I wanted.

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I do not know about that since I do not make guides, but I must say that would suck, but if you help someone by making it, then it shouldn't matter.

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Lightwarrior: What kind of curse could come from having a power, more specifically, time control? You don't have to be a superhero, you can do whatever you want with your power.