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Static: Either way. I was thinking if I was the only one, but either way works.
gunsword: What's Body Sliding?

Tylea: I never thought of it that way.

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What would it be and how would you use it?
Personally, mine would be time manipulation. I wouldn't need a car to get anywhere, and I could get all the games I want.

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Will you import Fallout 3? Also, Merry Christmas and have  a Happy New Year man!

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jakob: Can you tell me why you played it more on the 360 than PS3? Also, how many people are in one game on the PC?

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Lightwarrior: True, but it is as someone said above, "They will make it free when users aren't willing to pay for it."

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Andrew: Good point. Very good point. But then what is the reason for having two separate versions of Live(Silver and Gold)? Couldn't they just have the Gold version and charge people like normal?

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Which will be when?

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Does anyone think it is time for Microsoft to make Xbox Live totally free? The PS3 and Wii have free online capabilities(with the PS3's friends list similar to the 360's). For the PS3, the only thing you pay for is the content one would wish to use(such as movies, DLC, etc), which is the same as Live. The Wii is also free(just no downloading music and movies), but you can download games or other features off their online server.

Also, both the PS3 and the Wii allow for the owner to go on the internet. Personally, I thought Microsoft would do something like that first, but even if they did not do that first, they still have not done it yet. I could see them charging for internet usage, but not having it at all by now is quite surprising.

With the rise of Playstation Network members, should Microsoft change their way of Live? Sony and Nintendo do offer some things that would seem so(web capabilities for free). Should they combine Silver and Gold and just have one Liver version? I guess it is what they want to do with it.

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Lepuke said:
"Huh, it's an odd quirky little thing but it could have potential. Possibly a more modern Earthbound-like RPG?"
If it's like Earthbound, then I see why Nintendo didn't want to publish it. Remember, Nintendo puts quality on the backseat and cares only for casual gamers now. Only Mario, Zelda, and Metroid are actually good first party games.
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I would say Metacritic since every game journalist use them when talking about a game.