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Liquid: Good point. The 360's failure rate was 33% last time I checked.

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Hexpane: No, I never said anything about lawsuits(what do lawsuits have to do with my friends? They did not sue Sony). I just said that the PS3 has hardware issues too. You can interpret it however you want, but that is what I meant by this blog.

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Hamz: Good point, but it still should be announced. If a console has a problem, the media show still say something about it. That's probably why my friends were shocked about theirs breaking down. One of them went through 2 PS3s(it was under warranty, but still).

BD: Agreed.

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Daniel: It does have hardware issues, just not as often as the 360.
BD: Very good point. I think people ignore that though. I agree with it.

Handsome: You can make one on the disk reading error it has.

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That I know(I had a launch model), but I'm saying that the PS3 is suspectible to hardware problems too.

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I'm not being biased for the 360, but I just don't get how people say that if you buy a 360, it will just die on you when the PS3 does the same thing too. A friend of mine has a PS3 and a Wii, and his PS3 has just died a few days ago. The PS3 has the same problem(not the exact, but it does have hardware problems) like the 360. So why do PS3 owners(not all though) say that the 360 is the only one that is death-prone? This is another PS3 that a friend of mine that has become broken. I am definitely not saying that the 360 is not death-prone(that would be stupid on my part), but saying that the PS3 isn't is not too great either.

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I agree with Endogene, Gears and Uncharted would be affected because of how much they could put on the disc. Gears couldn't have many enemies on screen and Uncharted could not have a long story without multiple discs.

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Girls with an Australian accent are hot.

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and a tail.

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Liquid: It exists, and is selling like hotcakes.
Willy: The DQ series is bigger in Japan than the FF series, unlike in the US where the positions are reversed.