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WilliamRLBaker said:
"atejas said:
"FFX-2 was the first game they made after Sakaguchi left, right?
Makes sense."
Nah i think you can tell Sakaguchi was geting smaller and smaller actual roles and work in the company right around FF7s release and thereafter specially with the spirits within debacle which wasn't a debacle since that movie was fine as long as you didn't go in thinking of a final fantasy movie though that was the fault of square for naming it final fantasy.

As per the topic at hand, I lost faith in Square long ago when i first played and beat FF7 it was just downhill from there the only keynote was tactics."
I played FF7 in the past few months, and I just couldn't finish it. The story was not intriguing and the character development wasn't too good. I didn't put the graphics into account since the game is 10 years old.

As for SE, I must say that they are pulling EA moves around now days, but I think they are not too bad yet. Some games, like Infinite Undiscovery, is not developed by them, but they take the full blame for the game, which is shown in the TC's post. Like someone said before, Tri-Ace developed it while SE just published the game(so their full role was to supply the money for the game). I think their expansion to the US is a pretty good move, but only if the US division can create original titles also, and not from their HQ's back-catalog.
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I may join up later, but I don't have much points.

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WilliamRLBaker said:
"It does most certainly suck as a person with around 60 themes not a single one goes with NXE no one can tell me they couldn't design the NXE around old themes its like they didn't even care."
I agree. We waited awhile for the NXE, and they could of integrated the old themes into it; but they did well with it so far.
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I never knew where to get the games, but when I get some MS, I may check them out.

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I would choose RB2, mainly because the drums are secured to actually work than GH: WT's right now. Once they fix the drum's problem, I would recommend getting it for the drums, but now, I would just buy RB2's bundle, and get the disc of GH: WT.

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It has some good songs from them, but I do not think ti is worth 1600 points.

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I would like to see L'Arc~en~Ciel, UVERworld, or Nightmare(these are J-rock bands) in RB2. They all have a great collection for the developers to choose from.

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I am not much of a fan of country, but I think some should be in it to an extent. They should not place a Taylor Swift song in the game, just to gain a larger audience(Please do not do this Harmonix). That would lower your fans' expectation of you. I think they should just try to put country songs from up to the 70s or 80s and stop there.

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1. COD4
2. What about Lost Odyssey or Mass Effect? I choose Tales of Vesperia
3. Rock Band 2

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Daniel_beck: I agree, it is a good book.