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Cool icon.

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Chaos said:
" Chrono Trigger DS is not coming out still the holiday session, so thats a long time to wait. If you have never played Final Fantasy IV before I thinks thats a good choice. Good game play, great story.  Then again its the only game in your list that i have played, other than Chrono Trigger. 
I played FFIV Advance, but I hear that this one will have extra content to the story, which is why I'm a little interested in it.
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It would be Chromehounds. I hate the game, but I bought it not knowing anything about it. I have no achievements for it either.

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Colino said:
"Cardon said:
"That sucks I guess.  But if they weren't doing their job to the fullest extent then I guess the terminations were justified.  It's also nice to see that the producers of the game are serious about releasing a quality product which is bug free for the most part."
Too bad videogames from movies still suck 99% of the time!
lol so true man. Which must mean they fire everyone who tested on it and people who were not even involved with the development of it.
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Lost Odyssey Disc 4

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namster said:
"its not uncommon for ppl to be fired over unsatisfactory work
whether the evaluators expected more than they should have that can be debated
If i work at McDonalds and am working too slow for the supervisor even if I am trying my hardest that have the ability to fire me
they didn't break any laws in doing so
it's cruel not illegal

Agreed. In my state, we have the "Right to fire" rule, which means they can fire you for no reason whatsoever.
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Which game should I get for my DS, since it needs some new games in it.

Final Fantasy IV DS
The World Ends With You
Advance Wars Days of Ruin
Or wait and get Chrono Trigger DS?

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Replica23 said:
"Buying a console for one game is retarded. Period. If that means 360 owners decide to buy that version (instead of getting a PS3 for the game) more power to them. If Final Fantasy 13 had gone 360 exclusive the situation would be a lot different. The biggest downfall for PS3 owners is a NA/Euro release will likely be held up to complete the 360 version, which if I'm not mistaken is planned to enter production when the NA PS3 version begins its localization process. What I'm more curious about is how many people actually believe FF13 will release before the 360's successor does. Come on, you know it is a possibility.

I'm one of those people that believe in a one platform industry. The more people that get to enjoy awesome games the better. As soon as those fucking companies get it the better we'll all be. Though as I've already said, the only downfall for PS3 owners will be having to wait longer because a new version needs completing before release. That's kind of bawlz though since so many other third party companies don't hold back 360 development for the PS3, but Microsoft nor Sony are to blame for that... in most cases.
Unlike you who believes in a one platform industry, I have to agree with you on that. Even though I like competition, buying a console for one game isn't a bright move. I know people who traded in their PS3s because FFXIII is also coming onto the 360. They know they can still get the game for the PS3, but they think Sony is dead now.
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Hamz said:
"FF7>all other FF games in my opinion, nothing beats the awesome that FF7 was!
And FF6 > FF4 > FF7 in my opinion.

Final Fantasy 4 is a great game. As for FFs go, it's my second favorite(trailing behind FF6). This might sound cliche, but Cecil is my favorite character. He had many problems, but eventually turned to the light and became even stronger. Kain is a close second though. Keep updating the FFIV page.
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Indifference said:
"I've been asking the same thing. The answer I usually get is that there is a community but it's so hardcore that new players need not apply. I sold my 360 version but I still have it on the PC.
I guess that's why most people don't play it. I was interested in it, but I decided not to buy it.