My Favorite Games of All Time (Subject to Edits)

In no particular order, these games are the greatest in my book. I'm not kidding when I say they changed my life in a significant way.

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Posted by TychoX

There's great games besides Japanese ones, yknow?

Posted by LikeaSsur

@tychox: Yeah, that must be why there's 3 non-Japanese games on the list.

Posted by TychoX


I understand you love and anime and all, but it helps if you broaden your horizon.

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@tychox: I actually don't care for anime at all, but please continue to assume things about me, it's really helpful.

Posted by TychoX

"Everything good about an anime in video game form. There's epic, and then there's Asura's Wrath. This game does QTEs right, and succeeds as the best stress reliever ever."


Looks like I'm done here.