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Absolutely not. One of the benefits of playing games that people overlook is how much it teaches you. Think about it, video games challenge you in more ways than you think. For every challenge you overcome in a game, you are that much stronger of a person. Games teach you to not give up, think creatively and have fun. How many other hobbies can do all this? Add in your sim games like sim city, sim farm, etc, and think about how much you learn from those. Every game you play presents challenges and in order to beat those challenges you need to think. No other medium allows for this. Games are not waste of time, but a learning tool and something that helps mold who you are.

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The Sega Saturn was a better system than the Playstation.

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I would take Rich Gallup in a heartbeat. He would add back the professionalism that was lost when Ryan passed.

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I live in an area that doesn't have broadband internet, so I am limited to satellite internet with a 10GB data cap. I really want a copy of this blu ray (link below) from the AVS forums. Its a free demo disc for home theater setups. The total size is 36GB and I am willing to pay someone who is willing to burn this for me and send it to me. Anyone willing to do that for a reasonable amount of money?

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I have an extra Dead Space 3 key for Origin that I would like to trade with someone as I have two copies of it now. I would really like to trade for the Kerbal Space Program game, but am open to other offers too. Let me know if there is any interest.

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I am moving to an area that does not have standard high speed internet and will require me to get satellite internet. I am curious, who on GB has satellite? And who do you use? I worry about the data caps but there is one called Exede that allowed unlimited downloads during early morning hours. Anyone use them?

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The best thing to ask yourself is if you like to customize. iOS is a very locked down OS which is why it works well, not great. It does everything as advertised and you will be happy with it. Android on the other hand can do strange things at times, but that is because it allows for a lot of customizing. You can change keyboards, add widgets and a lot of other things iOS will not allow. This allows me to get more out of my GS4 than my old iphone. Both phones are great, but I really like the android OS better. An iphone is like a tricycle, and an android phone is like a motor cycle. The iphone is very safe and makes things easy for non techy people, but if you get along good with technology, you can do a lot more on an android (GS4).

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If this was announced as an Xbox One and PC exclusive, i bet many people would forgive Microsoft for some of their terrible marketing skills. I know i would.

Why? We don't know much about it other that it's some kind of zombie survival thing with a day/night cycle that sounds pretty tower-defense-y.

True, we don't know a lot about it yet. But i like the idea of a tower defense like game that allows you to build your base like they showed previously. Its like combining Minecraft with a third person horde mode. I can't think of a more fun/intense co-op experience like it. Consider me sold.

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Two things, first, why wasn't this at E3? I was hoping to see more about it at E3 but it seems like it slowly died. Second, if this was announced as an Xbox One and PC exclusive, i bet many people would forgive Microsoft for some of their terrible marketing skills. I know i would.

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