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I sent Jackhole a friend request on Saturday night, haven't heard from him since. I'll be gone most of Tuesday-Thursday, should be available most of Friday if he doesn't get back to me by then.

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Devise22 and I finished our games, I won 2-1. He had me on the ropes with his Paladin deck versus my Priest, but I clawed back for a win and then knocked off his Warrior with my Mage. Really tough games, good job!

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@devise22: Just sent you a friend request, I should be around most of tomorrow if you want to knock out our games then.

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I have a question, is it possible for us to change decks between rounds? The last couple packs I've opened have had some cards that I've been waiting on to build a Warrior deck, but I won't bother spending the dust right now if I can't use it in the tournament.

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Tyashki and I went ahead and played our games early, I won 2-1. Good games, Tyashki!

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I haven't put any money into this game so I can't really construct any super powerful decks, but I've done OK on the ranked ladder so we'll see how it goes! If I advance even once I'll consider it a wild success.

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I really haven't played a lot of high-level Constructed because I'm really enjoying playing Arena as much as possible, but what the hell.

Battlenet ID: GrozzNuy#1810

Classes: Priest, Mage, Paladin

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Definitely getting Bastion and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Maybe From Dust as well, I'll need to find out more about it first.

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GT is Lilarcor, time zone is Pacific (GMT -8)

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@Jeffsekai:  Not anymore, it looks like just about everywhere is out of the CE. I managed to order mine just in time, apparently, I got in just before they stopped selling them.