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@I_smell:  28 with these two additions. Supposedly the final roster will be about 40.
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NCR first, I do not truck with guys who support slavery under any circumstances. Whether or not I'll still be aligned with NCR by the end, I dunno. Depends on how well they come off as I play. I am looking forward to meeting the Followers of the Apocalypse again though, they were some of the most genuinely 'good guys' in the first two games.

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@samcotts: I just found some info from somebody who got the strategy guide early. You start with a laser pistol if you tag Energy Weapons at the beginning of the game, so you don't have to wait around until you find one a couple hours in.
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@samcotts:  Yeah, that's definitely been a problem in the past games. But according to the developers, you'll be able to find useful weapons in all 3 categories throughout every point in the game. Hopefully they're right about that but I guess we'll see.
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Gonna play on Normal first, then save Hardcore for my second playthrough.  That way I'll already have an idea for what I'm in for, what places to seek out/avoid early on, etc.

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No love for Energy Weapons among the crew here? Shame. i'm going to tag Speech, Energy Weapons, and probably Science. I might switch out the last one for Medicine or Repair though, I'll have to think about it.

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@Hailinel:  Seriously, after seeing how he plays in those videos Arthur has gone up the short list of characters I definitely want to learn. I love that they kept all the goofy animations from Ghosts n' Goblins, and his voice sounds perfect too. Capcom's putting some amazing attention to detail into this game, I'm really impressed.
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New Vegas and Vanquish are the two must-haves for me for the rest of the year, but I think I missed this question when you asked it on Twitter.

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They'll definitely have some form of Mega Man in there. Leaving Mega Man out of MvC3 would be like leaving out Spider-man on the Marvel side, it just doesn't make sense. The question is what version they'll use, since Mega Man has about a billion iterations. Seth Killian supposedly already ruled out X, which means the most likely candidates are original MM (maybe with power switching like Amaterasu's subweapons?) or Volnutt from Legends like in TvC. Maybe they'll go out into left field and put in .EXE or whatever the hell you call the Star Force Mega Man, but I kinda doubt it.

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I'm holding out hope for Strider Hiryu. There's a rumor going around that Capcom's planning to reboot Strider soon, this would be a perfect opportunity to bring him back... right? I'm bummed out Gene didn't make the cut, but we've already got two Clover characters so I guess I shouldn't be too upset. Maybe he'll get in as DLC, since Capcom sounds much more open to it for MvC3 than they were for SF4. I'm not much of a comic book guy, but I've heard that both Magneto and Storm are heavily rumored to be back on the Marvel side.
I'm really excited about Wesker's addition, I loved how completely over the top and ridiculous he was in RE5. It seems from the super where he pulls the missile out of nowhere that Capcom realizes that too. I'm also so happy that Amaterasu made it in, in an ideal world MvC3 would introduce Okami to a whole bunch of new fans just like Super Smash Brothers Melee did with Fire Emblem.