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Definitely getting Bastion and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Maybe From Dust as well, I'll need to find out more about it first.

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GT is Lilarcor, time zone is Pacific (GMT -8)

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@Jeffsekai:  Not anymore, it looks like just about everywhere is out of the CE. I managed to order mine just in time, apparently, I got in just before they stopped selling them.
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@StarvingGamer:  I judged the troll team purely by how many people I saw complaining online when they were announced instead of Cyclops/Megaman/Popular Character X. Sentinel and MODOK inspired the most rage by far, She-Hulk is a distant third but I can't find anybody else who people really really hated that would take her place.
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@StarvingGamer:  My plan is to have a troll team specifically for whenever I see Wesker/Dante/Deadpool online. I'm pretty sure MODOK/She-Hulk/Sentinel would be the most effective at provoking horrible internet rage. I have to get good with my 'real' team first though.
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@StarvingGamer: I know EM Disruptor is Mags' alpha, one of the others is Hyper Grav and the other is a counter but I don't know which is which.
V. Joe's are his uppercut AA, his bomb special, and his Voomerang but I don't know which is which. Pretty sure Voomerang is alpha.
Arthur's alpha is Heavenly Slash (his upwards sword swing thing, dunno what its utility is but it has a good hitbox), his beta is the daggers, and his gamma is fire bottle. Fire Bottle is definitely the best, especially with King's Armor active.
Thor's alpha is his projectile (garbage, startup takes forever), his beta is Mighty Smash (probably his best, does good damage and second hit is OTG), and his gamma is Mighty Strike (AA)
Wesker's Samurai Edge is an OTG as well as being low, so it can extend combos along with setting up unblockables. It fucking rules.
Also the two meter building assists (Morrigan and Ammy) are apparently pretty good because they have a TON of invincibility so they're very hard to punish. Both of those characters have good normal assists though, Cold Star is awesome for lockdown/chip and Shadow Blade is one of the better AA's.
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My planned team is Wesker (Samurai Edge), Viper (Burning Kick), and Amaterasu (Cold Star). The strategy is pretty straight rushdown: Wesker and Viper are both high-damage characters with a strong mixup game and their respective assists can set up unblockables (Samurai Edge hits low, Burning Kick is an overhead), Amaterasu is anchor to keep the opponent in block stun with Cold Star, since it lasts a long time and covers a pretty large space. I put Wesker first because he seems to have a bit of a life advantage over Viper, and because he doesn't need as much meter to be effective due to all of Viper's EX moves. Amaterasu also has a strong keepaway game if I have a life advantage as time is running out thanks to her whip stance and fullscreen level 1 punish, although it's not as strong as Hailstorm. All three characters are pretty mobile, since Wesker has teleports and Viper/Ammy both have 8-way air dashes. The main weakness I see with this team is the lack of a strong AA assist, so I might switch Viper to her Thunder Knuckle assist if Burning Kick doesn't help Wesker as much as I expect. All 3 characters are apparently on the lower side of the life scale, so I'll need to be aggressive to make sure I'm on the offensive as much as possible.
I'm no fighting game expert, so I'm mostly guessing about a lot of this from reading about and watching a LOT of this game. I think I got most of it right, so now I just need a whole lot of practice.

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Jill's looking a lot like Cammy in those screenshots. Cammy with super speed and guns sounds like it'd be pretty fun.

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Apparently, the herald fight is chosen at random from Doom/Dormammu (for Marvel) and Akuma/Wesker (for Capcom). You fight both at once, then Galactus himself. I don't know what the deal was with Galactus seemingly being dead and then the player losing though. It's not really clear whether you have to dodge that last attack or the last match is on a timer before you automatically lose and Galactus had health left when it expired.

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@Hansolol:  If he had 15+ years of fighting game history behind him like Sentinel does, then why not? The fact is, Sentinel is a hugely important character to VS series fans and was added to make them happy, not comic book fans. If Marvel didn't have a problem with it then I don't see what the issue is.