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C, I'm way in the minority.

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Bastion is a great game, and also short (6 hours or so.) The Darkness 2 is also quite fun and about 6 hours. So, You could knock them both out in 12 hours. Get the shortest games done first and trim that list up.

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@MonetaryDread said:

I think that the length of a game is important for as long as developers charge $60+ for a video game. If I have a choice between a game like Skyrim and a game like Darkness II, I choose the Skyrim type game. At $20 or less, I don't care how long the game is. If Activision released a $20 Call of Duty campaign that was only an hour and a half-long, I would buy it every year.

TL:DR -- $20 is an impulse buy, $60 isn't, so if a developer charges full price length matters.

If a game was a better quality 6-8 hour experience than skyrim's 100+, would it be worth the $60?