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Tune in next week when you'll find out what the blog post was REALLY about.  ;-) 
(HINT: It wasn't what you thought.)

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@nail1080: I'd say EA gets all the attention they want, really.  I was just blogging.
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@crusader8463: Oh!  Awesome!  I thought that was required... shows me not to pay attention next time...  
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I didn't realize there was an option to NOT attach it to the forums, actually.  Doesn't that just happen automatically?  I'd really rather it was just a blog entry.

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I forgot how exhausting it can be to just sit in one spot for sixteen hours a day.  (That might sound counter-intuitive, but I'm used to chasing four kids all day and having a little more free time to clean, etc.) 
With our announcement last week, I found my daily routine having to be completely up-ended.  Instead of spending a few hours on the forum and only another hour or two checking news feeds, I spent almost six hours per day on the forums (updating threads, answering private messages, investigating new members), and then three to four hours reading news feeds, and then there was the very, very busy business of getting around to updating my webpages... 
And then the truly unthinkable happened:  Dreamweaver crapped out on me in a most terminal fashion. 
And I'm pretty sure my installation disks are somewhere in the back of the garage.   
I'm going to go pretend like I'm not about to cry.

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Yeah, I know I'm biased - but that's, literally, my job. 
Still, I think American and R.J. did an excellent job of giving us even MORE information about the game in the after-interview with Sophia Tong from GameSpot than American was able to share during the actual stage presentation. 

Can you spot all the "tells"?
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@Sin4profit: XD 
(See, that's one of the things I WASN'T going to say, but I can imagine there being interest!) 
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If you think there aren't dozens or hundreds of people picking it apart right at this very minute, go take a gander around the internet!  I just kinda thought the tooth thing was really Jungian and an odd indication of where the imagery might go for most of the game.  THESE kids are going through the frames with a fine-tooth comb, analyzing the elements of the scene behind her and breaking it down, trying to piece the next story together with minimal influence. 
Haven't you ever had a tooth-falling-out dream?    

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That was possibly the most visceral, strangely disturbing thing I think I've ever seen. 
If you HAVEN'T seen it yet, you can check it out here on the main website or you can pull it from YouTube or you can find it on our Facebook page or, you know, wherever. 
Because I'm a fan-to-company liaison as much (if not more) than a company-to-fan liaison, I had not seen the trailer before it was released at the Showcase yesterday.  I was stunned, delighted, disgusted, disturbed, and above all THRILLED by it. 
I think what struck me most about it was that very subtle reference to the language of dreams, the teeth falling out without significant pattern.  For most dream analysts, this can indicate things like feelings of powerlessness or being unable to defend or feed oneself.  An odd thought... 
So, what does it make YOU think about?

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And now the first teaser-trailer is live at Alice:MadnessReturns - and it is not okay for very short people!