Alright, i'm gonna try a Fable 1 run-through.

So i was moving my old Xbox 1 to make more room for my 360 when i saw Fable: The Lost Chapters, the game that i played for a few weeks straight. If i could have over-played a game this would be it. So, i was looking at it and remembered how awesome it was so i decided on trying to beat the game in less than 24 hours. I wanna see how it goes because i'll try to go for an evil playthrough (we all know how badass they end up looking). I'll be putting updates on how far i am in my status, and then edit them into this later. Alright I'm gonna go for it! 


So i finally got an Xbox 360

yeah, im a pretty old-skool retro kind of guy so i have been putting off buying a new console for a while but i was finally convinced and......WOW! ok, i never thought i would like any console more then a like the N64 but.....gosh darn if i dont like the Xbox 360 more. Its not like a only like the system for its graphics (which are AWESOME) but i just like the whole control interface, the online and just the smoothness of the entire system. i seriously think this is my new N64 in terms of complete and utter awesomeness. yes, i know i sound like a fan boy but guess what; i am now.