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This seemed perfectly appropriate to me, and in fact it actually seemed like a pretty awesome thing to say.

But i'm Australian too, so I guess my input is kinda fuckin' worthless.

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Hey, new(ish) Warframe player here looking to join in (only about rank master 3), would love an invite to the clan if possible !

IGN: Stason_Jatham

Thanks duders.

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I've never really listened to it, but was it only here because of Patrick ?

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I think if I committed trying to speedrun a game I'd end up finishing even less games than I do now, which I think would mean i'd be finishing like 1 game a year.

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I'm really glad to see he's doing something he hopefully enjoys, but i'm definitely disappointed because I planned on following him, but have no intentions of ever going to Kotaku.

Hopefully he's still easy to follow through twitter and other social media.

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Will strategy games like Disgaea fit in here ? They're fantastic and challenging (but like all JRPGS you can just grind if youre experiencing difficulties).

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Brad completely breaking in that gif is the most hilarious part of it for me.

Also Jason is fantastic, and I hope he slowly transitions into a regular like Drew, and not just a substitute occasionally.

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Tears Up :(

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I've been trying to go for the bandage girl/meat boy achievements for a couple days now and they are seriously just pure bullshit.

On 3 different occasions I got to the Womb with a lvl 3 version of either, with a book of revelations, only to fight conquest or Mr. Fred.

There begins a point where it just feels a bit cheap, if you have at the very least a level 3 version of either you should be guaranteed to fight death of either of those enemies.

Ugh. Also fuck The Lost (I presume we don't need spoiler tags anymore) , I'm only trying to get Meat boys/Bandage Girls as a distraction from having to do Boss Rush and Dark Room with him. It doesn't matter how many times I reset on the first floor as well going for a game winning item, I always just throw anyway to gurglings or something.

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