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The thing about Patrick though is that he has a very unique "taste" to the games he plays. Not only that, but there's not really anyone established enough personality-wise to join him at GBWest.

Also, I honestly just think he does a fine enough job on his own.

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I try to do everything I can, all quests, and I normally play them bit by bit, otherwise I just get bored and burnt-out real fast.

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I'm going to reiterate the earlier suggestion about Northernlion, in my opinion he's the definition of enjoyable yet dry/crass humour.

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Alright, so through some testing i figured out it was my TV. Now, so if the Anti-Aliasing is the problem (the complete lack of smoothed edges and the like), what type of TV would fix that ? The one i've been thinking of getting has the following specs;

  • 101cm / 40 Inch LED LCD Screen
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • 3D Built-In
  • SD Tuner
  • 200Hz Screen Refresh Rate
  • 1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Blu-Ray Ready
  • Built-In Smart TV Processor & Software
  • 8 Star Energy Rating
  • DLNA Certified
  • 4 HDMI Inputs

Do you duders think it could solve my problem ? And sorry about the late replies, but i do thank all of you for your help, sincerly.

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I wonder if they're planning on doing anything on consoles dealwise - this deal looks really good but my PC won't be able to run any of them, unfortunately.

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I only just started rebooting up the 360 recently after picking up a few games for it, and i've noticed a lot of visual bugs with a lot of games (all of them, in fact) and from what i've looked up, i do not believe they are meant to look like this. By these visual issues, i mean ridiculous jagged outlines, on every single textured object in game (You can see how bad a game like Borderlands 2 might look for me, with those bold outlines) and lots of weird glary-looking issues and frame rate drops. The thing is, I don't remember having these issues before i stopped play Xbox (I didn't play for probably about a year) with any of my old games, and when i put my old games in, i couldn't tell whether i never noticed these features of the games such as the outlines and frame rates, or if i simply didn't have that problem. I tried testing it by swapping around HDMI cables, using AVI cables (Just to see if the jagged outlines perisisted, they didn't, but of course the quality was a lot worse anyway) and i attempted to set up my xbox with other T.Vs, but they either didn't have a HDMI port due to being old, or there was a problem with the T.V itself where it wouldn't be able to find the HDMI channel. An important note to factor in, is just before i stopped playing my Xbox 1 year ago, i did recently get a new T.V, nothing special, just an incredibly standard relatively cheap LED T.V, which leads me to the concern if T.V issues could possibly be the problem, rather than a fried Xbox Graphics card. Any help is appreciated on this issue.

TL;DR: Xbox quality is crap (visual bugs and jagged outlines), want to know if there's a possibility it's the T'Vs fault or if anyone has any experiences similar to this.

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@DetectiveSpecial said:
" What the fuck? "
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I really want to say Borderlands but I'm pretty sure that doesn't really count. 
Hmmmm, I'd probably have to say.....Call Of Duty 4.

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I see where you're coming from, I'm bloody terrible at online multi player, more of a co-op/single player guy so when I play any game online I suggest screwing around and having fun because believe, at the end of the day you will have a much more enjoyable experience. 
For example, I went into a match only going prone around the map, ended up finishing 6-12 but I was pissing myself laughing the entire time, and that just makes me happy (The laughing part....not the pissing myself :P). 
Anyway, that's just the way I deal with being a noob. Oh yeah, and I only play objective games so I don't ruin the fun for my teammates in TDM :D.