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A thrilling Single-player with a so-so Multiplayer. 0

Call Of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2 really does feel like a missed opportunity. It's a sequel to one of the best shooters of all time and was meant to be a larger impact than Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare but with some really bad gameplay designs it really just ends up feeling like Infinity Ward really dropped the ball.   Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 does get somethings right though, and those things are all the singleplayer portions. It has a great campaign that lets you see from many different...

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A Step Back From Mario Kart DS. 0

 Now, you may have read the title of this and wondered how a DS version of Mario Kart could be better then a Wii version, which has: better graphics, more tracks, more characters and more items.  IT'S NOT.  Now, in Mario Kart DS every racer had a racecar that was exclusive to that character and that was an awesome step in the Mario Kart Franchise. Now, Mario Kart Wii gets RID of that so every character only has the same Karts that everyone else in that division (light, medium and heavy) h...

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Don't let Melee Fanboys persuade you 0

Ok, let me get this out right now: Brawl is the game that i have played the most so far into my life, yes thats right, more then goldeneye, Mario 64 and Mario Kart which is where....most of my childhood went XD. Not that that is out of the way let me introduce you to Brawl: an exiting game that lets you beat up Sonic (thats for your last 10 years of gaming!!!!!). Ina all seriousness though, it is a party-fighting game that uses 3-D models of Nintendo (and 2 third-party characters: Snake and Soni...

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