A Little Bit Of: Space Pirates And Zombies

Space Priates And Zombies is a game that I've wanted to try out for a while, and as per usual it was one of the many games that I bought during last years Steam sale. A lot of games I have bought recently fall into that category.

The game has quite a large amount of information dump at the beginning so getting a hang of what to do at the very start can be pretty hard, but once you understand the systems at play it's decent fun. I think one of the things that I don't like is that there doesn't seem to be that much in the way of mission variation. There are the story and secondary missions which do seem to be unique missions, but the stuff that's on the side that is clearly being procedurally generated seems to fall into only 3 different mission types. Kill those guys, destroy these stationary objects while guys try to kill you and defend this ship while it does it's thing. Functional in that you need to do them to be friendly with the different factions in the game but not that compelling after a while.

On the flip side customizing your ships, and blowing stuff up is pretty decent fun so it at least makes that particular side stuff more interesting. I haven't gotten round to playing with the larger ships but that is definitely something to look forward to.

Also I got these two guys in the mail last week . They're slightly bigger than I had intended but still pretty darn cool.


A Little Bit Of: Nitronic Rush

Nitronic Rush is a free game that is part of the Free Indie Bundle:http://theturtle.editions.free.fr/nanigaming/freeindiebundle/. I haven't had a chance to play most of the games on that list but I know Stealth B****** is also definitely worth checking out, especially at the low low price of free.

The game is a racing game kind of in the same vein as Trackmania where it's really all about hi scores and best times. The driving model is pretty loose as you would kind of expect and very arcady. To get the best times you do have to deal with boost management because if you use too much of it your car explodes. Also you can make your car fly as well which is useful for getting out of some tough spots and also for alternate paths. It's actually a very clever game and from what I've looked up on it, it seems to just be student project which makes me excited to see what else these guys make in the future.

Also it looks and sounds a heck of a lot like Tron and that's not a bad thing.