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Sweet!!!! i may be able to make it.

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@alexisg: If you are looking for Indonesian food try Bojo two streets from Leidseplein. Want to eat steak i recommend Gauchos or any Brazilian one in Leidseplein. There is great noodle place called Wagamama close to Hard Rock Cafe in Leidseplein. Any of these sound good?

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Afternoon. Welcome to this beautiful city. My name is Willem and from what you say about your location you are within walking distance of many activities. If you care to eat/drink/dance go to Leidseplein area, about a 10 minute walk from your location. You will find all kinds of restaurants, cafes, clubs and some familiar fast food places. The VondelPark witch is our version of Central Park in NY but smaller, is also a great place to just hang out or have lunch. You can really pick out the vibe of the city by walking through the park. If you are looking to have a place to have drinks with other duders and can be found by everyone then you will probably find a place in the Leidseplein area it depends what you in the mood for. If you want to chill and listen to live Jazz i recommend a place called Jazz Cafe Alto.It's tiny! but great place to experience jazz up close. Remember walking will get you far in this small city. If there is anything i can do to help, tips on taking the tram,bus or where to find the closest McDonalds please feel free to ask. I guess if you want to contact me then use a PM or i will check this forum later. Let's see if we can get some GB dudes together to have some drinks with you. Enjoy your stay.


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Thanks Giantbomb!! i just got my shirt, will wear it with pride.
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I think  i hit a wall or lost my mojo for halo. I purchased Reach on release day and played for a couple of hours and have not touched it since.  I have just no desire to continue, i liked what i played so far so that's not the problem. I just purchased the Onslaught  pack for Bad Company 2 and I'm playing it as soon as i finish writting this. Again i ask myself when will i play Reach again?

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Think i will play BC2 now

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Well at least for another 10 minutes. :P

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So far it's only Europe in the house.

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Same here. :(

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Bombcast #3 and #5:
Listen to the E3 Bombcast intros, it will only take a few minutes of your time.
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