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Who me? Oh, well I might be a 25-year-old gamer, snowboarder, graphic artist, pharmaceutical geek, electronic music enthusiast, latter-day saint (Mormon), frequent giant bomb-er, and all-around nice guy. Or I might not. I might be none of those things! That's what's crazy about the internet. You don't know. I could be lying to you! But I'm totally not lying to you. (I could be though). I like Giant Bomb. What a ridiculous website. A video game website run by a bunch of loose cannons. If I had to pick a favorite staff member it would have to be Gary Busey. That Jeff guy is alright too. Speaking of Giant Bomb, another thing I like is video games! In fact, I liked video games before I liked Giant Bomb! Now, I mostly play on console, PlayStation 4 this gen, and Xbox 360 last gen. I also play on PC, and that Steam thing seems alright! Especially during the summer time. Buying Games And Never Playing Them is my favorite event. I don't care what console or OS or mobile platform a game is released on. If it's a good game then I will play it.

Danny (limecloud)