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"I will f*cking kill you!" Yeah, good luck. I can't hit a thing. 0

 I'm going to come out and give it to you frankly: I enjoyed this game, and it was good. Nothing more. Nothing less. It levitates between everything and never strays too far into the bad and neither the brilliant. I enjoyed my time with the troublesome duo and their adventure through the run down and grotty areas of Shanghai. The game sees Lynch - a recovering and medicated psychopath - a year or two after the events of Dead Men. Having set up a new life in China, Kane arrives to help him with o...

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Cough. 0

 Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, COD6 or MW2, however you put it, most people (nearly 8 million,) will know what the hell you are babbling your little ruddy mouth on about. It's the most anticipated game of 2009, everyone knows about it. So shut up and listen to my opinions.If you played Call of Duty 4 before, you will know what is going on in this. The Middle East and Russia went all doo-lally and America and the British tried to help but failed/succeeded. Basically, to sum it...

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"Would You Kindly" please play this game? 0

I came late into the Xbox 360 scene. I bought my console towards the end of 2008, and I only picked this up at the weekend just gone. I had heard good things about it, and then I'd heard its just another shooter trying to top the major series in the world at the moment. (Half Life, Halo and the such.) And to put it straight out there, it is up there with the greats. Set in stone.   Lets start with the graphics; like all reviews. The graphics rose the bar for most shooters on the 360. Or so I thi...

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