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Not often i order, so when it happens I don't mind tipping the guys well.

So like on a 22.5€ order we made the other day, I gave the guy 30€, told him to keep the change. 40-45 mins later, it rang on the door - the guy was back in the neighborhood, he gave us two cans of coke and homemade Tiramisu from the Italian restaurant we ordered from, and he refused to get paid for that. Nice dessert!

What comes around, goes around in my world :)

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I know that TEDx is more "edgy" than the regular TED talks. But...they really need to sort away some of the stuff they do - too much stuff would be better suited for some random YouTube channel than this. It waters out the quality that everything TED, should stand for.

@jakob187 said:

Well, knowing that it's 4chan in the chat makes it a little less terrible, but regardless, it's still pretty dumb.

I will say, however, that this whole conference DOES wreak of pretentiousness.

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Aye - lots of /v/ "bragging" going on earlier...

@hailinel: It isnt Giant Bomb. It literally is 4chan

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Hyperventilation - The Score

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I don't breathe that fast.

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Yup, horrible camera work, and a lot of oddballs on the stage. On the other side, the bar is set really..really low for our Paddy - hope he blows our minds! <---Is this the stream?

It's been extremely amateurish so far. Some guy who came up with the Big Bang Theory phrase 'Bazinga' is on now.

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@atlfalconsfan: It is a small 5 man league we have at work, and most of the other guys focused a lot on QB's in their draft :)

I am still thinking about if I should hang on to Roddy and Gronk - on the other hand, not sure who I should replace them with...

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I am pretty bad at this Fantasy NFL stuff - so was wondering if I could get another set of eyes on my lineup for the League we have at work?

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A moment of weakness, and I bought this... I don't even care much for zombie games...

Hope it's good!

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Get a SSD (Solid State Drive) - I just swapped to a Samsung 840 EVO - and the different is mind blowing:

Old Drive:

New Drive:

Booting up takes less than 10 seconds, opening a 200 mb file in Photoshop about 4 seconds, etc.

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@limpbishop: I'm not sure to be honest...

Sent a PM to @snide and @alexisg - suggesting a feature like the spoiler block, that we could use to hide things, only making them visible to our fellow members.

Dave hasn't worked for the site for like five or six months now, duder. Your suggestions would probably be better directed to Rorie.

My world is shattered.... Snide left us?! Hope he is still in the CBS family though? Thanks for the suggestion to add Rorie, grand idea mate!