Is GB becoming like Gamespot?

Man I simply opened a thread on Deus Ex asking where the
review was & the thread got deleted.  It's not there, but not
really sure why the thread is getting whacked rather than
locked & I'm not sure why it would be locked either.  It's
not really flame material, but a simple inquiry as there is
no place to ask it & there is no locked thread at the top
of that forum to suggest otherwise.  What gives with all the
nazidom?   I expect that from Gamespot, but not here.
Sheesh Louise!


Finding your Doppleganger on the Internet

I hate to say it, but from a distance, this fucker kind of looks like me!

When you get a closer zoom of the guy, he looks nothing like me, only from this distance.  It's
like: who the fuck are you to use my face on your billboard??
And up close, he's not 35 as the article claims. He's gotta be 50.  I mean shit, he looks older
(& fatter) than me.  If I could meet my Doppleganger or Evil Twin: I'd tell him to lay off the fuckin'
candy bars.
What's worse is all the humiliation from these cunts chiming in in the comments section to
make fun of his face.    Comments such as:
"His face is a good reason to support abortion"
"He's weird looking. All he's missing is his robes & wizard hat."
"That's meat loaf's mentally challenged cousin"
Should I take it personally?  He's making me look bad, just because of the cunt that killed
her baby.  You know what's really irksome about this billboard is that it's actually turning me
into a pro-life advocate.  If a guy wants to pay the child support, who is this bitch to take that
experience away from him?  Whereas most women who have the baby & do not let the man
have a say but demand he pay the child support.  It makes me think that there should be a
dual vote on the abortion, you know?
And I never would have thought of it or cared had I not seen my damn face (sort of) up there.

More Arnold jokes

Got another:
One day Maria slapped Arnold for double-dipping
his Tostitos in the family salsa. 
"Payback's a biitch", said Arnold.


We need more Arnold Jokes

Am I the only one craving tons of new, nasty, & tasteless jokes about the Guvanator?  Let's
get a large blog/thread going.

I'll start.

I heard the next movie is called:

Terminator: Rise of the Bastards

Skynet has given up on machines & has decided to
take an 'organic' approach to ruling the world by
impregnating the women. The new T5000, Impregnator
model, will be played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Also starring Natasha Henstridge (Species) plus 50
other bimbos.

Catchy marketing blurb:
It gropes!
It fondles!
It reproduces!

Rated X


Why is everyone bombing on Marvel Universe 2099?

I was reading the details of that new Spiderman: The Edge of Time & they
have Peter David writing the story behind it!  Right, who da fuck is Peter
David?  Well I read the 2099 wiki page & he is one of the original writers
for the Marvel 2099 Universe! 

So I think that it's really amazing that they got one of the original writers
to build another 2099-based story out of the video game & so soon after
the other.

I have a set of 2099 comics, but after looking at the Wiki, I don't think I
have it all as I'd hoped. Wonder if I can scoop up the remainders on
Pirate Bay?  Hmmm...

I'm stoked about the new Spidey game now, however, & I hope to be
caught up on the 2099 comics before the next game comes out. I plan
on going back to get Shattered Dimensions as well, seems cheap
enough. I hope it's good!


Thoughts on Spiderman: Edge of Time

I'm delighted to hear that 2099 seems to be making some
kind of fucking resurgence!  Are the comics sought after
I own the whole fucking set. All bagged & boarded that I
bought ten years ago on ebay.  Back when ebay was still young
& fresh & you could get killer deals.   I may need to read
them, then sell them I guess.  I've got a comic hoarding issue
I need to get off my back.


The Turd that is the ME 1 Achievement List

So I'm looking at ME 1 in my backlog & groaning about the 
still numerous achievements that I've yet to obtain to get
the S-rank.  What a serious fucking pain it is!!!   Play the 
game, each & every mission, in order to get those fucking
infernal Ally achievements.   And the long service medal,
to reach 60th level.  I can tell you that from 59 to 60 is such
a bitch.  I've got 100k xp to earn it & all I'm getting is a piddly
100xp here or there.  At that rate, I'll be playing through it 
yet again!  
Finally I've come up with an idea to get at least four of
these damnable achievements in one play through.  I've
started my next game with the 59th level character, using
insanity, & then using 2 of the Allies I haven't used yet,
Kaidan/Liara.  Sadly it does mean I have to play through
the whole damn game, in full, to get those Ally achievements.
That will net me the insanity, long sevice, & two ally 
achievements in one game.
After that, I'm only left with the biotics & the Soldier 
achievement, although that sounds like that could take
a really long time to complete as well & lastly the boring
engineering ability achievement.  Let's face it:  ME1 is
definitely one of those games where you wished to God
you had read the Achievements before you ever started
playing the game!  Had I done that, I would have NEVER
mixed & matched my team through the entire game the
first time around (receiving 0 ally achievements for doing
so & I spent 60 hours finishing that one playthrough!).
It seems like I'll never be done with this fuckin' game.


A GB user found on porn site

You'd never believe it, but I was on one of my fave porn sites
& found a GB user's name.  It's probably the same guy that
posts here on GB as well.  I wonder why they would want to
be tracked back to an actual user account across the Internet?
Should I take a snapshot so people can see the comment he
left?  (No porn or actual url of course. :)).