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Sounds like a good plan. I wouldn't want to bleed another $5 extra per month on a service I don't really want. If there's anything I'm truly sick of, it's monthly fees. Everybody wants money for nothing but "access".

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You must be cursed. If you've changed out every part & you still have the issue then it must be the mobo, CPU, or RAM. I don't see how the RAM could be a factor, so I'd start by replacing mobo/CPU. Be sure to read some reviews on the mono/CPU that you use with the video card that you want to use & see if anyone ran into any problems with it prior to purchasing. That's what I do. I read reviews, buy the stuff that people use that report successful results & have less to worry about. Although I've cobbled together gaming machines for the past 18 years with whatever hardware I could get & never saw the crap that you've seen.

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Damn! I've never heard of anyone doing this much work & not seeing results before. Maybe you should try switching to Radeon & not use nVidia. Did you try lowering your resolution? I didn't see anyone mentioning that.

I've got a 5+ year old PC using Radeon & 8G RAM that runs low resolution most of the time, but it never stutters.

Perhaps the nVidia card you have & the mobo don't get along? smh.

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Damn. I can't find even one of those games compelling enough to justify a next-gen console purchase.

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Must have been a heart attack. Very sad news to hear about. He's too young.

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Playing the game now. It's a bit shitty. What I really hate are the constant splash screens for "Spartacus Legends" just for switching to a different sub-menu.

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Microsoft probably asked him to leave after the Xbone debacle. It's a horrible design, horrible features, and alienated the existing 360 fan base. I'm sort of hoping Microsoft will scrap it and rework something that makes sense for next year.

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@jimmy_p said:

Prepare for a whole new generation of RROD

You mean the BoneROD ? I'm going to wait awhile until the reports come out about whether either of these new consoles have lot's of crippling defects.

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I'd recommend Sanitarium from the late 90s. It's a spooky & amazing game and if it weren't for a few spoilers on the Internet, I'm not sure I would have got through it. Once you understand some of the mechanics it gets easier though.

Another one that was similar to Sanitarium was The Suffering: Ties That Bind that came out in the mid 00s. It's not quite point & click but had some janky 3rd person movement and combat (however most of the combat is puzzlers). I'm not one to get scared but both of these games were pretty spooky & the tension from the music could really make you hustle at certain parts of the game.

But too bad they're old games & not backwards compatible to future platforms.....oh wait, they're on a PC.