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Since Mr. Softy nuked my 360 game collection by not offering backwards compatibility, I never bought an Xbone. I've pretty much moved back to PC gaming & see no reason to ever own a console again, unless I feel like throwing my money away.

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Sounds like a good plan. I wouldn't want to bleed another $5 extra per month on a service I don't really want. If there's anything I'm truly sick of, it's monthly fees. Everybody wants money for nothing but "access".

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You must be cursed. If you've changed out every part & you still have the issue then it must be the mobo, CPU, or RAM. I don't see how the RAM could be a factor, so I'd start by replacing mobo/CPU. Be sure to read some reviews on the mono/CPU that you use with the video card that you want to use & see if anyone ran into any problems with it prior to purchasing. That's what I do. I read reviews, buy the stuff that people use that report successful results & have less to worry about. Although I've cobbled together gaming machines for the past 18 years with whatever hardware I could get & never saw the crap that you've seen.

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Damn! I've never heard of anyone doing this much work & not seeing results before. Maybe you should try switching to Radeon & not use nVidia. Did you try lowering your resolution? I didn't see anyone mentioning that.

I've got a 5+ year old PC using Radeon & 8G RAM that runs low resolution most of the time, but it never stutters.

Perhaps the nVidia card you have & the mobo don't get along? smh.

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Damn. I can't find even one of those games compelling enough to justify a next-gen console purchase.

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Must have been a heart attack. Very sad news to hear about. He's too young.

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Playing the game now. It's a bit shitty. What I really hate are the constant splash screens for "Spartacus Legends" just for switching to a different sub-menu.

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Microsoft probably asked him to leave after the Xbone debacle. It's a horrible design, horrible features, and alienated the existing 360 fan base. I'm sort of hoping Microsoft will scrap it and rework something that makes sense for next year.

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@jimmy_p said:

Prepare for a whole new generation of RROD

You mean the BoneROD ? I'm going to wait awhile until the reports come out about whether either of these new consoles have lot's of crippling defects.