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I actually find it sort of boring to be honest, couldn't finish the video.  

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DeliciousOne 959 
I'm pretty excited for this, hopefully I get far =-D

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You're right on some aspects there, expecting there to be metal and such, but I find that the style incorporated in StarCraft 2 matches the characters and theirs moods quite well. It's impossible to change the game now but at least it's tolerable and the music ain't half bad. Would've been interesting if they changed it to something more metal though, no doubt.

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My dream job is to do what Commander Shepard does everyday; flaunt his reputation in all the local stores for discounts =-D It's a full-time job yah know.

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Haha, stone was very close on that one. I'm just happy I only have to pay 20 dollars for my Starcraft 2, makes it worth the campaign for me, and for anyone I'm sure. 

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Make sure you go straight to it following the river at first. Don't slow down or swerve. I've done it on my first attempt on insanity.

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@JoeRiccadonna: Pussy 
I've spent 84 hours on that thing with my friend. The game got extremely boring. Bring back the Warcraft RTS; Warcraft 4!
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Give the man a plaque

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Yes it should be possible. I've seen many games with unique mods such as this. 

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Blood Drive is the best.

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