Music Review:Attack Attack!:Someday Came Suddenly


                                                                      Music Review

                                                                                      Artist: Attack Attack!

                                                                             Album: Someday Came Suddenly

Attack Attack! is a Post-Hardcore band from Columbus, Ohio.  Their debut album Someday Came Suddenly does a fantastic job pushing the screamo genre into places that haven't been explored. As soon as you fire up the first track on the album you will realize that this band is all about creating fun, energetic, and creative music.  Simply put, there is nothing else like it and you are in for quite a treat. 

The opener "Hot Grills, and High Tops" is a track that is not to be taken seriously.  It is a parody of many of rap music's many cliches and in my opinion, nuances.  While it is a bit humorous and fun to listen to it serves as an opener to perhaps the greatest and most popular track on the album Stick, Stickly.

"Stick Stickly" most likely will be one of your favorite tracks on the album.  The chorus is catchy, the breakdowns are raw and heavy, the lyrics are uplifting at times and bitter at others.   This track is rich with emotion and fun.

"Kickin' Wing Animal Doctor" may be the wierdest, yet most humorus track I have heard in quite a while.  The track contains no singing yet the band is able to maintain a sense of melody that can be paralleled to some of their other more harmonous tracks.  The track is yet another example of how diverse this band truly is.

I could go on to talk about every single track on this amazing album but it is honestly best to go ahead and experience it yourself.  Attack Attack! put out a debut album that is without a doubt one of the greatest hardcore albums I have ever heard.


Recommended for fans of: Hardcore/Post-Hardcore/Synthcore/Screamo


Why does EA continue to put the Harry Potter Franchise to Shame?

As many of you know, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is out his week.   Before reading this post I suggest that you watch the launch trailer.

I absolutely love Harry Potter.  The universe is rich, fun, and really can suck you in.  The books are absolutely brilliant and even the movies are decent(some better than others).  There is one part of Harry Potter media that installment after installment is underwhelming.  Of course I'm talking about the games.  I blame EA, they own the franchise and are more worried about putting out an installment to be released at the exact time a new movie comes out than they do about quality and imagination.  I don't see why they feel the need to mirror the films either, why not use a little imagination?  Isn't that what Harry Potter is all about?

After watching the trailer you will notice a few rather distasteful things.  The game trailer is essentially an in-game movie trailer.  There is no gameplay footage, they are trying to make it appear almost epic to life changing proportions, and the game will mirror the movie very, very closely.  Even though they don't show gameplay you can really see the presentation took a hit on this one.  The graphics look worse than some xbox 360 launch titles, the facial animations are terrible, the voice acting and script are some of the worse I've ever heard in a game.  "Are you ready to embark on our dangerous of a quest?" "You can do...MAGIC" , how many utterly terrible lines can you squeeze in a trailer that lasts for less than two minutes?  It think EA may have brokens some records here.

It's a damn shame they waste opportunity after opportunity to create a good product with such fantastic source material.  When you put no compassion into a product this is the kind of garbage it yields.  As severe as this sounds, I hope the product sells terribly.  Developers without great source material can create games 10X better than this, yet EA is determined to waste it in order for them to make some quick cash hoping it sells because of the name on it's box.  EA, your name is on the box too, someday I hope that catches up with you.


Waiting for Call of Juarez Reviews!

I'm most likely only getting one game this summer and Call of Juarez is looking to be it.   I'm a little worried about the multiplayer and length of the single player campaign so I'm going to wait for a few reviews to roll in.  I was one of the few who really enjoyed the first and the second looks much better based on the gameplay videos.  I expect a ton of reviews to come out tomorrow but it would be nice if a few came up today.  The multiplayer modes look fun but I am worried about weapon/map variety as well.  I'm hoping it turns out!