So, I turned on my xbox eariler today and decided to pop in ME2 as I had just bought the Overlord DLC. When it started up, it just gave the option of New Game instead of allowing me to load one of my other saves. I also wasn't able to enter the Cerberus Network. I went back out to the dashboard and realized that all my save data for all my 360 games were wiped somehow. Most games I didn't really care about (MW2, BF:BC2, any other game that I mostly play multiplayer in more than the story), but others really pissed me off, mostly this and Fallout 3. 
So now, I have to replay the game. That part is fine as I kinda wanted to anyway, but the problem is that I can no longer access the Cerberus Network as it tells me I need a password and you can't redownload it in your download history AND I can't transfer a ME1 save because those got wiped as well and I no longer own the game.
Now Wrex is dead and I am forced to play as a Default character, great... -_-    


mhmmm, OST's

Just downloaded loads of OSTs for game such as Halo:ODST, RE5, and the best of all, Deadly Premonition. 
Now I can go anywhere and have "Life is Beautiful" playing in my head! (As if it already wasn't already without it on my iPod)

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"Rival Schooled"

This got really annoying, someone told me that Rose had a alt rival, when it turned out he meant C. Viper. So, I wasted a good 30 minutes playing Rose's Arcade mode trying to get her alt rival when there was none. Well, at least I finally can stop playing Arcade Mode, now for Trial and Online....

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I am not too fond of when Gamefly decides to send me a game and then take 7 days to get here.  It happened way too much before that I got my account cancelled when I reported to many games missing or not sent to me, even though I returned them back after finally getting them. 

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I Hate Ants.

I believe that my house has about 50 ant hills surrounding it as many ants always manage to get in my house and it makes me really upset. Now I must kill some more 
Kill Count for the Week: 24

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