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1st voice in my head: Goddamn I wanted to play that on my PC
2nd voice in my head: Yay I knew there was a reason I bought a Xbox-One
3rd voice in my head: Why would they do this?

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I don't really have anything to add, except good luck, and your BLT joke made me laugh.

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Am I the only one who thinks this is kinda superfluous? I'm kinda surprised about how positive people seem about this.

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I wrote them in the back one of my books I write music in, someone I was playing with saw it and assumed I'd gone crazy.

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YES YES YES, more twin peak is great. I've wanted to see these scenes for a long time.I remember reading about Lynch wanting to get them out but couldn't because of some legal hoobaloo , guess something changed.

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So todays is Norwegian national day, and I just wanted to wish my fellow Norwegian Duders a happy day.
May your day be filled with hot dogs and ice cream! II've been just staying at home today, no marchin or nothin, saving my energy to grill and eat meat for sometime tonight. What about you guys?

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This is why the guy is acclaimed .

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I was wondering the same, following the link from the tweet about the upload leads to 404 error.

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I approve

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Damn, I was going to download all those video features but I totally forgot. Anyone planning on uploading them somewhere?
Could one even legally upload them anywhere? Who's permission would one even need?