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A key would be quite nice, and I am a nice person, so it kinda seems meant to be.

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AND it's voice acted!? Sign me up!

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When there is an open space, I'd like an invite
Linkster7 in game

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Got the Sound Blaster WoW wireless headset. Bought it years ago because I could get a pretty decent discount at the place I worked.
They're decent in sound quality, but I'm pretty impressed with the battery still being able to hold around 10 hours of use.

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There is a lot of backlash against games media right now, so YouTubers are stepping up to grab that audience that may be put off my games media. Also, remember you can't be a popular YouTuber unless you are super cynical! To the cynical people, if a game gets a high score, the reviewer must have been paid for it, because all video games suck, even though they claim it is their favorite hobby.

It is just people complaining to complain.

So there is people out there watching this video going "Hell Yeah, tear that Gerstmann down! He's the worst!" ?
Why would they even blame Jeff? Who are these people?
Sorry for all the question, I know you probably don't have all the answers. I'm just so baffled by this

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Change is scary, and I couldn't see anyone coming in and fitting into the team that well, but goddamn Dan fits perfectly and is GREAT

I remember seeing him in the first UPF he was in and thinking he seemed kinda reserved and quiet.
Boy was I proved wrong.

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So I check in with from time to time to watch the nostalgia critic, today I popped in and this caught my eye

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So, what the fuck is this? I am confused. Is this an attempt at satire or humor? Why use Jeff's name?
Can someone explain this to me?

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I'm so getting my dedicated rock band machine out again (my 360)! I vow to have a rockband party within the next 2 months!

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I CAN WATCH VIDEOS AGAIN! Thank you so much @szlifier , like seriously, thank you.

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Good luck Patrick, looking forward to seeing what you do next. It's been a pleasure enjoying your work these past few years. It's kinda sad to see you go, but hearing that spookin with scoops is not dead, I admit, does help.
Now I'm off to watch all your first quick looks with this on repeat in the background

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