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Do you have a song that had so much going for it that it amazed you?

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I loved the GC version, I will still from time to time get "live and learn" stuck on in my head. But I'm nervous to go back to it, doubt it holds up to my nostalgia.

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So can someone make a list of notable features or something, not really bothered to read the whole thing.

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It's negligible to the main story. My advice is to play AC 3 now and have Revelations for later if you still need some more stabbin' time.

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Doing the side stuff is probably the most fun I have with this game, so doing it all as it becomes available.

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Well this made my day. Thank you good sir.

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I preferred the Assassin's Creed 2 late title card. It would of been nice i the title card did not show until Conner was donned in his assassin's gear. Now that is a late title card.

I kept hoping for a second one at that point. They should just keep popping up the title card every few hours for maximum effect.

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I had to leave the house just before that part, so I got the title card right as I sat down again the day after. Late title card not that effecting when you've only been playing for 5 minutes sadly.

Still thought it was good though.

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I need to dig through my old stuff and find the game box for the longest journey, I wish I could find it online with Norwegian speech. The way it was meant to be played

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I always thought I was kinda likeable, the kind of guy who gets free stuff on the internet. Only time will tell.