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@freshbandito: This is kind of funny in a way, As you are all saying "don't be a dick." I don't think I was being that much of a dick considering just how mad I am at this stupid event. I was also proud of myself for not cursing all that much and only saying fuck once. I really wanted to go full on cave guy grunts and profanity, But I refrained. Policy or no policy, I still have money they won't take and I think that is dumb as hell. I wonder if you guys are white knighting her as it's a ladies name? I'm fairly sure it's a bot, and was from the start, look at some of the times, It took her forever to respond to nearly everything. If she was human she had no business being there at that job. It kind of made me angrier that I was waiting what seemed like an eternity sometimes to get back, "nope your still fucked." I don't see what is being a dick about pointing some of the shit I point out? It wasn't personal at all. Some of the shit at the end I was just fucking with that bot to see if I could get some sort of response from it which I didn't. As far as what I own. The bot did have my info pulled up which I deleted from this but the bot at any time could of called me out for BS on my numbers or what I did or didn't have. Also, I don't think it's a dick to point out that your competition is doing something your not. In all this the only thing I really regret is not telling it that they were losing a costumer. and letting my anger not let me express that more clearly.

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@pandabear: If it auto renews would said friend be real happy with me about it doing so? Or would they consider it theft on my part at that point? I do admit I got heated at that last point. I did lose my cool at the CC bit and That link she gave me routed to "rate" not anything meaningful So I way lost my cool at that. I stated that I was and still am Majorly upset. I am not sorry about being upset. As my live gets cut off on the 14th and I just wasted / am being told my money on my account is just not for that, when I have no other money to spend.

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@creepingdeath0: @ericsmith: @icecoldgamer: Honestly the $40 for the next 3 months is pretty much on point. I don't have much money to work with. There's a great deal of other stuff to that story but on the subject of 300+ I honestly have no idea how many I have so I just tossed a number that would be close? I wasn't always broke and I got a lot of deals on said games, I own a ton. And I only took out the $40 to pay for this as I will not be buying much of anything for a while. As far as the backlog that's another story all together.

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@ccforua: @sammo21: Honestly, I was just more or less voicing my frustration of not getting anywhere, And knew I was kind of fucked. It also wouldn't be a big deal if I had money to dick away, But I really don't. As far as the person here. I don't think I wasn't being to big of a dick? I mean I didn't say anything personal at all minus a You and your company bit. I only went off the rails when she told me to steal someones CC so i was just fucking with her.

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All this is way too good. Below the combat ready @ryan is uncanny like that. And bellow even that well just everybody is damn great. Keep it up guys.

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Alternate outfits!

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Altairre: Edited your Jeff, I'll add more to this post later.

Your Ryan is perfect, except for the scowl that it appears isn't fixable. Patrick... eh, it's pretty rough; though I'm sure he's a hard one. The Brad looks pretty spot-on, but the hair looks too slicked back (I'm sure that's just due to limitations). And the bottom-right... I'm not sure if it's Rorie or Dave. I'm gonna guess Dave.

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I added down to oscar explosion the main thread from the top add me back. linus 3668-7845-9544 if you're below that let me know...

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linus 3668-7845-9544

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Well then, We'll miss you Dave. Happy trails...

Take care of that baby and have a blast. I'm totally still going to twitter bomb you from time to time for old times sake. :D

Good luck Sir.

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OK that's it, I have to say it:

Fuck this kind namby-pamby indie game.

I'm sick of all the games in recent years that want to make me "feel" something. Just shut up. I'm 33 years old, I've been been playing video games my whole life and am certainly a million miles from being a "bro gamer". I'm looking for interesting game mechanics as much as the next gamer.

I swear it's crap like this that makes people crave a game that just gives them a gun and something to shoot at.


If it's not the video game equivalent of the sex scene from Tetsuo: The iron man, The lawn mower scene from Dead Alive, Or A bloodier more explosion filled version of saving private ryan mixed with transformers, I DON'T WANT IT! FEELINGS ARE FOR ASSHOLES! *I've shot shit for nearly 3 decades now I'd like something new...

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OK, I added everybody,

linus - 3668 - 7845 - 9544