games i need to finish

These are games I need to finish. It will remind me to stay focused on the games I all ready own, instead of spending more money on games that will probably end up on this list. I will update this as often as I can.

Any games here that have made your list? :-)

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Ah, these ones. I have 4 of the 8 mentioned, RDR being the only one fully done. I need to go back to L.A. Noire and get the collectibles, e.g. cars & film reels. That shouldn't take too long. Sadly, I only have one of the DLCs, so I will either have to fork out to get them, or have them burden me forever. I think the latter.

Peggle is a pain to get S-Rank. I really enjoyed my time with it, but some of the later stages are pretty tough, so I am not inclined to go back, just yet.

I haven't played Halo: Reach since I first got it really. Played through it on Legendary, got all the achievements bar the ranking ones. I haven't really enjoyed the competitive multiplayer for Halo since a while into Halo 3, and the fact none of my friends played it... So, maybe one day I will go back, but I'm much more focused on doing the ODST firefight missions, and the DLC achievements for Halo 3.

Right now, I have to finish off Batman: Arkham City, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Saints Row 3, Modern Warfare, which shouldn't actually take too long, aside from a few achievements, à la Riddler's Collectibles, but then I still have an unplayed Skyrim waiting for me. So, catching up with these will evidently take a while. I will do it though, with the right motivation!

Anyway, sorry for the elongated comment. :)

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: I appreciate elongated comments! I'm gonna add even more to this list; I would say 90% of the games I own are unfinished. We'll actually see the math when I tally all them up.

I got the L.A. Noire Complete Edition for Christmas thankfully. Nothing bugs me more when I own a game yet I don't have the DLC for certain achievements. I'm gonna take my time with L.A. Noire, and focus more on enjoying the game first but since it's a strictly solo experience I think I will eventually attempt to get all achievements.

To be honest I'm terrified on the Peggle achievements, but that game is so addictive I think I need a reason to not play it. Usually when I've completed a game, 90% of the time I don't play it again. Hopefully that is what can happen with Peggle.

I was on and off with Halo for a long time too, but I am only really now enjoying the online experience it offers, and come to appreciate it more. Every now and then I tackle an achievement here or there, but really I find myself more invested in the daily/weekly challenges and exploring the different game types. If you ever wanna join me hit me up; as much fun as it is playing online, I really would rather play with at least one or two people I know: especially in Firefight or Campaign. Those are my favorite modes to play and a lot of the time I have people quit on me.

See: one elongated comment equals an elongated response!