never heard of them, till I played them, then I loved them

It was September 1998 and I was standing in the video game section of Toys R Us at Union Square in Manhattan. I went there with my Mom to purchase Final Fantasy VII, based off the recommendation of a friend of mine. I hadn't played FFVII; a friend of mine wouldn't stop kept raving about it. I had saved over 50 bucks for my next game purchase, and as I held the paper ticket in my hand ready to go checkout, I was drawn to a game cover that had a plain white image with bold red letters titled: Metal Gear Solid. It was a new release in a day and age where I didn't have internet and my GamePro had yet to come in the mail. I didn't have any notion of what gameplay possibly hid behind such a minimalistic cover design. Final Fantasy had some blonde spiky haired kid holding a big ass sword and that drew me in too, only because it satisfied my interest in big ass swords. But I didn't know how Metal Gear Solid was going to satisfy me. Know one I knew had played it, or even mentioned it. But something was driving me to buy this game. I never doubted if it was going to be good or not, or rationalize that if it wasn't I would have to spend another three to four months saving enough money to buy another game. As I walked down with my ticket, paid at checkout, and received my game from the depths of Toys R Us I held in my hand what appeared to be a deluxe case for a game. Two discs on the cover it stated. Two can a game be on two discs!?*

From the moment I loaded in disc one until the moment I ejected disc two, I was mesmerized by Metal Gear Solid. Not only did it change the way I viewed what a video game could be, it was the first time I purchased a game on my own without prior knowledge or having played it. It was a big turning point in my life as a gamer, and still to this day I play some games without knowing anything about it, and I am blown away about my discovery, regardless of how early or late I was to the party.

This list is about my experiences with games I knew nothing about before I picked up the controller, and how I discovered that I would never wanted to put the controller down after.

*Imagine my reaction when I eventually did purchase Final Fantasy VII!

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