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Jacksonville, FL, USA

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Wish I could offer up some advice on how to reignite the flame, but I can at least say that I know what you're going through. I'm a freelancer for GameSpot, but other than the review games I'm assigned, I don't do too much gaming these days. Part of that is having a full-time job, but I also think we just burn out from time to time. I play Madden and FIFA to relax after a long day, and I really loved digging back into Final Fantasy X. But you might just need a game tailored to your interests to appear before you really get excited again.

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I'd love one, if possible!

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@Video_Game_King: Thanks! Had no idea about Telestar or Vectrex.

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@The_Laughing_Man: One of my friends does something like this every few months for fun, and now I'm just damn curious.

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Can you guys help me out? Can't figure out the majority of these.

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@patrickklepek: Not to get overly personal, but I couldn't relate more to that final feeling you described before saying goodbye, Patrick.

I lost my father to illness at the age of 11, and while I held strong throughout the weeks of hospital visits, it was that last time I saw his body that hit the hardest. Knowing you have to eventually move yourself away from that place and settle with never seeing someone so influential again is what finally made the reality of the situation feel, well, real.

It's been nine years, and just writing about it now still stings a bit. Articles like this, though, are truly special to me. No, I didn't have an abusive upbringing, but hearing of others coming to grips with similar tragedies and maybe even accepting what happened is refreshing. It's really amazing what video games can now achieve.

Thanks for the fantastic piece of journalism, Patrick.

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Was waiting for this. Now I can start the weekend.

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