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This is an offer you should not refuse 0

          There have been a slew of open world games this generation, from the action packed and over the top Just Cause 2 to the deep and engaging Red Dead Redemption. Although different in aspects such as setting and combat, a common structure can be traced back to each title: you must complete a fairly direct set of story missions or veer off into the world and search for side quests while experimenting with the weapons or vehicles you are offered. With all this freedom, sandbox games are exp...

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A masterpiece that loses some luster upon approach 0

Enslaved is one of the most frustrating games I have played in quite some time. Not because it is a bad game, quite the contrary, it is one of the most engaging and interesting games to come out this year. What really bothered me about Enslaved were the consistent technical problems that I encountered, ranging from small and excusable to utterly distracting. The game has huge ambitions, both technically and from a story telling aspect, but comes just short of achieving what could have been a mas...

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A cinematic thrill ride that never misses a step 0

                It is always difficult to keep a franchise fresh and exciting from sequel to sequel without drastically changing the formula. What were once game play innovations are now commonplace in a sea of lookalike titles that attempt to capture the magic of their competition. Yet, the risks may be too great in reinventing the formula, and the legion of fans that once fell in love with the first game may not take too kindly to an overhaul of their favorite series.  The original God of War...

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