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Not to downplay the years of amazing entertainment this website has provided me but I think Doseone might have been the coolest thing that has ever happened in a piece of GB content to date.

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I have a stable of heroes I love to play often like CM, Bane and Windrunner but if I could only play one hero for the rest of my Dota career it would be this guy:

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I couldn't be more disappointed that they took inspiration from the SNES game over the superior Genesis game. Maybe user generated content, or Shadowrun Online can give me the rebooted, open-world Shadowrun RPG I've been waiting two decades for, but so far this isn't it.

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I guess it's time for bot matches.

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The default WASD setup has all of that stuff mapped and easy enough to get to. Abilities are mapped all around the camera movement keys, so they're all quick to get to. The main things it seems to be missing out on is attack and stop, but when I'm last hitting/denying I just move my hand to H for hold and space bar to attack. I guess it should be noted that even while using WASD to move the camera, I still do SOME edge scrolling when it's necessary, I just feel like I'm way more handicapped not having quick access to keyboard scroll than I am by anything missing out that's mapped to WASD with the default control setup.

It seems like it will take more practice to get used to the mouse exclusively, on top of already needing to learn the muscle memory needed to get to commands quickly. I don't want to make learning the game even harder for myself by forcing myself to use a method I'm not comfortable with, but I don't want to harm my long term potential in the game by developing bad habits early on. :(

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Back when I used to play a lot of RTS games I used to disable mouse/edge scrolling and just use they keyboard to scroll. I've tried to play Dota 2 using the mouse to edge scroll and it just doesn't work with my brain. I'm starting to feel functionally retarded. Does anybody have any kind of success using WASD to scroll the camera? It seems easy enough to get to all ability and item hotkeys while still using WASD but if there's a good argument for why it won't work long-term I'm hoping to find out now while I'm still new, so I can try and get into the habit of mouse scrolling while I'm still new and sucking anyways.

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The site is almost completely broken for me. I can't watch videos on the site anymore.

In progressive mode (all quality settings) while video is buffering it runs at a bout 1-3 FPS. The video lags about 5 seconds behind the audio. After it has fully buffered/downloaded it runs marginally better, but still choppy/stuttery and if I try to use my computer for anything else (browse in other tabs/window or run other programs) without it getting choppy and the audio stuttering like mad.

In streaming mode it has all the same problems just to a lesser extent but even tho I have a fairly good internet connection (20+ mb) it's constantly pausing to buffer and constantly stuck on what looks like the lowest quality setting.

Now to be fair, I'm on a crappy, old, Dell laptop from over half a decade ago with Intel Express video. On it's best day this thing is a miserable hunk of junk. But I have NO problems watching video on any other site. Only the new GB.

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I don't have any problem with the point of view of any of these ladies, or least of all this stupid statue (for which I was sure the 15 minutes of fervor was over long ago), just that it feels like Patrick's using this website to stir shit like it's a gossip rag. Giant Bomb should be better than the opinionated slime from places like Joystiq, Kotaku and Destructoid. This seems like a gross misappropriation of his position here as "news" editor.

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*Angry comment!*

Am I doing it right? This is how it works on the gaming "journalism" blogs, right? You aggregate the worthless, incendiary content, I click and bitch, you get dem dollarz and the cycle continues. Keep it up Scoops!