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I do want vinny in a podcast form but not bombin' the am, something about the show...i don't watch it that often

Also, does anyone remember vinny was originally referred to as "the wolf" first and he even did the howling way before Alex became the wolf? I want wolf and the wolf

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mario 64 is one of the best of all time. sunshine is a strangely unpolished and uninspired mario game that stands out cause it's different and believe me, i wanna love sunshine but it's just not that fun

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Perfect Dark Zero

Love Greg Kasavin but he got that shit wrong.

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@vuud: the multiplayer community is fucking dead. played 10 ranked matches and got killed 9 times. really sad, i loved brood war and it was alive for years...

you need hots expansion to play hots online

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I just notice this today and I don't know why it's happening. Annoying bug.

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FF12 is hella fun, story goes no where but it's addictive ass hell. I'd say play it. Even if they announce a HD remake, it would take forever to come out. Just look at FFX/FFX-2, that was a long wait. Plus, FF12 looks unbelievably great for a ps2 game

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these movies are top notch and I would recommend to anyone

-Run Lola Run

-Millennium Actress

-Dog Day Afternoon

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peace walker was ton of fun and ground zeroes already played like pw 2.0 so all this totally make sense.
for me, pw had the worst story so hopefully pp won't replicate that aspect.

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I love the Joe Danger games and the development team is very talented but the hype surrounding this game seems overboard. Expectation needs to be tempered, especially with a game with this kind of concept and the size of the team. The problem is that hello is going out there fueling the flame and I can't see this game meeting anyone's hype.