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Seems like they've lost some good writing staff since gta4. Rdr and gtav had far weaker roster of characters so rockstar needs to pick some more talented writers as that's where they use to shine. Gameplay wise they are heading in the right direction so I'm excited what's next.

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I quite liked Crisis Core as well and right up there with the best prequels. That ending is really well done indeed.

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The staff doesn't have a singular taste or opinion and I only agree with any of them maybe about half of the time so it's not a big deal. I don't think people like the crew because they like the same games as them but rather because they express how they feel without reservation. GB is I think all about expressing personal opinions. Plus I like to hear how their opinions change over the years. If you've listen to the podcasts, sometimes they'll bash a game they praised during the time of release and soften up on games that might've had problem. In regards to Destiny, the dude seems like he played quite a bit of it before reviewing it so seems to me he is entitled to his opinion.

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why don't you get a bigger harddrive? it's really easy install. It's also pretty easy to replace the lens on your blu drive

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Mr. Nobody - impressively put together, great sounding, great looking work. Belgium Synecdoche, New York.


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I'm wondering if anyone's bought these PS2 Classics and how your experience has been. The one's I've gotten seem to be fine (Capcom vs. SNK 2, Odin Sphere) but Vice City is missing some songs which is a crazy bummer. I wanted to get Manhunt and maybe Bully but wanted to make sure they weren't busted. Thanks.

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@tehpickle: at least you know it won't happen :D

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i'm playing doki doki universe atm and I love the spirit of that game but man...mad tedious, mad padding

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@dixavd: Pokemon Snap 2 would be sick. Maybe off rails?

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@tourgen: Shadow of the Damned 2 would be sweet

@do_the_manta_ray: Otogi was sick. Remember it been really hard but I'd love a new one. Also, I would kill for a proper Mafia sequel. 1st one was fucking great minus super slow travel and traffic tickets. Classy as hell tho.