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Do you know a better bombcast episode than this?

The episode is the 10-13-2009 edition with guests Adam Boyes and John Vignocchi and it just has tons of classic moments.

Love the bit with Vinny and Johnny about the favorite grandma.

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haven't seen ton of his movies. i ike 12 monkeys and fear and loathing as well. brazil is ok but saw it not too long ago and maybe my expectations were a bit high. it did seem like a movie i could watch again and get more out of. i liked the ending and i can remember the movie well but i don't think i'm that into his art direction. seems so ugly and dated to me...dr. parnassus i liked but can't remember much of. i do like it when multiple actors play the same character.

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I record and edit audio professionally, and this is what I use and recommend:

Sony MDR-7506

Exactly what I was about to say. I researched this topic a LOT before buying mine, and this headphone is the one used in most studios, and is pretty cheap. The audio quality is superb, specially if you enjoy good audio quality for music. Gaming headphones in general are kind of terrible.

I'm a location sound mixer and this is basically standard for most professional audio folks. If you're looking for a little extra bass, this isn't for you but, I can recommend these too. I also like that they are quite flexible and isn't tight. I find that most headphones hurt my ears cause I wear glasses but these don't. You can wear them for hours no problem.

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Recent anecdote Austin told about Ken Levine on the beastcast and an old bombcast I listened to just now where Jeff calls Roman Polanski a scumbag got me thinking about something which comes up from time to time.

Great artists can sometimes be terrible people. I definitely try to separate the work from the person but often times these two are intertwined. Woody Allen for example is one of the best American directors but his infatuation with very young women is in constant display on the screen and his new film Irrational Man is no exception. I just can't help but feel uncomfortable even when I'm entertained by his writing.

Though I rationalize and enjoy the works of people I mentioned, as well as others, there is a part of me that think I'm wrong.

What do you think about great artist that are/can be terrible people?

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It's a refined version of the gta4, gta5, rdr combat. It's not great but serviceable. What's good about mp3 is it's production values. Graphics are awesome and love the soundtrack.

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@gameraotaku: I agree with you about issues with sound mixing in his movies but you literally can't shoot dialogue scenes with the IMAX camera cause it sounds like a jet when it's rolling.

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  • Regrets, Never Change, Heart of the City, Blueprine (Momma Loves Me) - Jay-Z
  • Life's a Bitch, Get Down, Made You Look - Nas
  • Slippin' - DMX
  • Guilty Conscience, '97 Bonnie & Clyde, Kill You, Stan, The Way I Am, Drug Ballad, Cleanin' Out My Closet, Superman, Hallie's Song, 'Til I Collpase - Eminem
  • Can It Be All So Simple - Wu-Tang Clan
  • All Falls Down, Spaceship, Through the Wire, Family Business, Heard "Em Say, Flashing Lights, Dark Fantasy, Monster, Runaway, Black Skinhead, I Am God, Hold My Liquor, I'm In It, Blood On The Leaves, Bound 2 - Kayne West
  • Civil Obedience, Good Fashion, Clickety Clack, Black Out On White Night - Sage Francis
  • Seed 2.0, Sacrifice, Thought @ Work, Don't Say Nuthin' - The Roots
  • Testimonial Year, The Calling, Dumb Enough?, Illusionary Lines, Tomorrow Will Do, Laying Blame, Working The Mic, Outgoing, The Sentinel, Recapturing the Vibe, Clown Prince, The Hard Road, Stopping All Stations, Conversations from a Speakeasy, City of Lights, Breathe. The Blue Blooded, Monsters Ball, An Audience with the Devil - The Hilltop Hoods
  • A Christmas Fucking Miracle - Run the Jewels

I have more but I think I listed too many...

@straightgrizzly: shit i love the clipse

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It is a bit weird and something you'll have to deal. TDK and Interstellar both had this "problem" as well. The funny thing is, because HDTV's are 16:9 and IMAX 70mm images are square-r 1.44:1, they are having to crop so what you're seeing isn't even what was originally shown in true IMAX theaters.

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When I was little and Ocarina came out, I never got into it cause I thought the dungeons were scary.