Even though this will be my first entry, I'd like to jump directly into the topic.

With the not news of the changes to Super Street Fighter 4 (Super) called Arcade Edition (AE) being offered as DLC for the current consoles, there were new features spoke of that are confusing.  New additions to Replay Channel are cool, but what got my attention was the phrase, "Play the version of a character you want".  This implies that we will be able to select say Super version of Ryu against the AE version of Sagat.  That is crazy.  This is a weird, wrong feature.  I know this was in special versions of Street Fighter 2, and Street Fighter Alpha, but those games are out of the current circuit of tournaments.  They don't matter as much now for current rankings.  SSF4 does, its the central game in almost all fighting game tournaments (or shared with MvC3).

The date of this DLC is unknown, as is the price.  What I don't understand is why is this so difficult to do the right way?  I do understand a window of exclusive access to AE by arcades, which is a good thing, but for how long?  6 months?  And sure, arcade owners would probably be upset if Capcom said, 'Hey AE is out in arcades, but wait just X months and it'll be on consoles', but there has to be some middle area.  For me and the people that I play Super with, all we need is the new characters, and the balance changes, hopefully updated beyond AE because of a few bad adjustments.  Seams easy to me.  As for Capcom getting some money for their work, add some new costumes, and a few more marketplace items.  These make Capcom descent money, almost all profit, MS takes 30%, I think that would be enough for them.

This has been on my mind for the day.  Anyone agree?