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Far as I've read:

1. Yes, no need to get AE to get Ultra upgrade.

2. No the dlc costumes will not be part of the $15 upgrade to Ultra, only part of the $40 disc version.

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Is Broussard still with 3D Relms? I thought the DN Forever was the end of him there.

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seriously this is crap. for being the 'gods of pc gaming' they should have been ready for this. almost 30 min in and I can't create a game

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At this point, I wish all the normal game press would leave this alone. We have statements from most everyone involved, and they acknowledge their faults, and we should take them at their word. For people not really invested in the scene this whole incident makes us look real childish and dumb, and while that is mostly true, its in all scenes, gaming or otherwise.

As someone who does identify as a fighting game player, I'm pretty ashamed and embarrassed at how this went down. I can't better describe how I feel about this issue, or how I'd like the scene in general to be better than the article on SRK: This is really sad that this show Cross Assault which should be a big new step for the FGC has instead blown up into an ugly event for the rest of the gaming community to point and shame.

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From what I've found, is when going through the Boss fog enemies 'lose focus' of the player, but can and will attack through the fog is provoked again. I had this happen when trying to kill the 4 Kings. I would run through New Londo all the way to the boss fog door, and the Dark Wraiths could be seen standing on the other side. If I swung and hit them, they would do the same, and hit through the fog. So I totally believe players can do the same.

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Feels like AC:Rev isn't getting all the attention is would normaly

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I think i'm going pretty lame. Dante, Vergil, and guest. Probably Ryu, but I think I need a lady on my team, and I used to play Morrigan and X23. Or maybe I'll just learn Trish and do the full DMC team.

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Yeah I know about the lists, and I have a favorites list, but it seems hidden. To see any ones list, you have to first view their profile, then search their lists. I was hoping for something that was more associated with the game page it self. My main hope was to make my current favorite, Witcher 2, get more prominence. That game is awesome, and I hope it sells well for the developers.

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I couldn't find a place to add a request for new features on the site. The site is awesome, and it seems well made, but I was thinking about a way to highlight peoples favorite games. My basic idea is to give each user X (maybe 10?) slots to designate as a favorite game. Then each game could track how many people currently have it set as a favorite. I originally thought about an unlimited system, but it would dilute he point. I would like a way to bring attention to both some of my all time and current favorites. Since these would be limited, games with these marks would be more prominent. As an example, I'd put Zelda: Link to the Past, Vagrant Story, FF6, Street Fighter 2 as my all time favorites, and SSF4:AE and the Witcher 2 as my current favorites.

I'm curious if this sounds like something other people would be interested in seeing.