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I'm just saying, sometimes you need to get a little up close and personal with your food

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Anyone else having a hard time finding matches on PSN? sometimes it just sits there for about 10-15 minutes before I just give up. I've only gotten about 6 so far :(

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Great post. My name will probably change a little in the next beta phase but I'll probably stay as a Conjurer, and probably Lancer on the side.

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I'm totally in. Was planning on playing on Excalibur (legacy server) to play with some people, though I don't have a legacy account.

I have two extra ps3 beta keys if anybody needs one.

I have a friend who wants to get into the beta, if you still have a key left

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I signed up for this beta on PS3 as a "hey might as well" type thing. Wasn't really paying attention to this at all, then I finally played it this weekend and was pleasantly surprised. It played really fluid and felt good. And it looked absolutely gorgeous. Granted, I only got to level 10 and did very basic exploring but it was enough to really peak my interest and preorder the game on amazon. Really can't wait for the beta servers to go back up to try it out even more.

I only just got in on beta3, and then was only able to play about 2 hours during this first session, but I was definitely getting that happy vibe I had for much of the time I played XI, and definitely handled much better than during the beginning of v1.0.

I never played 1.0, but I played FFXI for a very long time and agree with your point there. I don't think I've gotten this feeling from a game world since when I first started FFXI. And yeah, FFXI has TONS of flaws but the one thing it had was a really interesting world and story, so if anything FFXIV will be sure to have that going for it.

Anyone else freaked out by how much of the design elements look almost identical to FF12? I kinda started calling the city Rabanastre at some point. Like, I get taking inspiration of your own old games, but holy fuck some of this is just ripped straight out of it.

I wanna play FF12 really badly now.

I'm not sure what exactly did it, but I got that same feeling too.