Why is OSX Lion, such a piece of sh*t...?

I asked this on Tested, but I thought I'd ask here as well and get the mac gamer people to answer (do you exist?)

So I bought my uber macbook pro around 8 months ago. It has an i7 processor clocked at 2.66Ghz, 8GB of ram, and so on... It was running smooth as a can be until I downloaded the Snow Leopard 10.6.8 update. For some reason, my computer which usually boots in 20 seconds, now started to take LITERALLY 5 minutes. After research I found out that 10.6.8, is prep for Lion. So I did a clean install of Lion. Now it instead of taking 5 minutes, it takes 2 minutes + to turn on... Also Lion is buggy as shit. When computer goes to sleep, upon wake up, Chrome crashes, and everything becomes unresponsive. Also, the dock can't fucking seem to remember what I want it to have. Everytime it restarts, it removes some of my dock icons... like Safari...

Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Is my computer being weird, or is Lion truly a piece of shit from a technical standpoint?


Oh God, this Dubstep is Transforming!

So as it's no secret on these boards, I'm a huge fan of Transformers. I have a friend who shall be referred to as Jammy Jam, is just as big a fan as me. So after watching some dubstep videos on YouTube he was inspired to make this video of Transformers Remix. For those of you who don't really like anything in these movies except the "robits" you'll probably enjoy this.

The clips are ripped from the Blu-ray's, and it was edited on Premiere. He'd appreciate if you guys told him what you're thoughts are on it. Both praise and constructive criticism is appreciated!

Enjoy in HD! My favorite part starts at 2.38!


Epic Scenes in Gaming Chapter #3!

So, I haven't blogged about this in a while, but I felt like it's time, so here's the third edition of "Epic Scenes in Gaming." This week, a special game, and yet another DS title. Yup, the one, the only Phoenix Wright. This game has a strange way of making you feel like your doomed, and then suddenly pumping you up so that you feel like a badass. This particular scene I chose was one where Edgeworth actually helps you out, making it doubly more epic. Man, when that music starts, theres nothing that feels better. Except maybe yelling OBJECTION at you DS. Without further ado:

In case you missed them!

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See, this is the shit that bugs me!

Alright there are two main things this blog is going to be about. One is only a very minor annoyance and the second is a bigger one. Lets start with the more minor annoyance.

Minor Annoyance:

The Xbox 360 and its tendency to heavily compress everything. I have been playing a lot of my 360 since I recently bought the slim. I had a 360 before but only got to play Gears of War before it red ringed on me. When the slim came out I though it was time to give it another try. So far it's great, but like I said, holy shit, the amount of compression in all games is mind blowing. Playing Splinter Cell conviction, all the cutscenes are pre-rendered and so heavily compressed that there is compression artifacts everywhere. Same thing with Alan Wake, and even Mass Effect. Although Mass Effect is very minor.
Now this doesn't bug me too much, but it's probably because I have a very keen eye, and love judging things based on visual quality. For example I tend to compare Blu-ray movies together all the time, and figure out which ones look the best and which ones have bad transfers. I can't remember the last time a PS3 game had terrible compression artifacts, and the Blu-ray is to blame. 

 How are you gonna go down to her containment field now!?!?!
 How are you gonna go down to her containment field now!?!?!


Bigger Annoyance:

I don't understand most people and their complaints about games. For example why people complained about the elevators in Mass Effect 1 is beyond me. Why the fuck would you want to remove the elevator sequences which keep you immersed in the world, and sometimes had unique dialogue sections, with static load screens that take just as long? Do you people hate immersiveness? Or what about in Prince of Persia's case; why would you want to die, and look at a reload screen when Elika saving you was essentially the same thing, just expedited?
This annoyance really dawned on me, when I realized that I missed the elevator scenes in Mass Effect 1. They kept you immersed, and made the world seem big, because you had to travel there. But now in Mass Effect 2, you just looked at a load screen, which pretty much took just as long, but didn't add to the immersiveness.

My top eleven games this generation!

So, I've been thinking a while, and decided to list my top eleven games this generation. Any game that is part of a franchise, I'll just name one, and you can assume it means I love the whole franchise. Also the list is in no particular order. So here, we, go...  

  • (PS3) Uncharted 2

    Front cover of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (US) for PlayStation 3
What can I say about Uncharted 2 that hasn't already been said? It has a perfectly balanced and addicting single player which never stops with the adrenaline. A multiplayer that is unmatched on PS3, and some of the best graphics around. I would say the best in my opinion. 

  • (Wii) Muramasa

The reason I wanted a Wii. The game is pretty much an amazingly beautiful Metroidvania style game, and it takes place in a setting which I love. I say this because I was never really interested in Odin Sphere, but bring that technical presentation over into a different setting, and I'm all over it. Love at first sight.

Front cover of God of War III (US) for PlayStation 3

  • (PS3) God of War III

Dude, it's God of War III. It's Kratos. And it's his final bloody battle (on consoles). The pleasure you get from cutting up centaurs and smashing godly faces in is almost unmatched.

  • (PS3) Assassin's Creed 2

'm one of those people that loved the first Assassin's Creed despite some of its "flaws". It was really unique and brought forth an interesting angle to open world games. Realistically climb anything. The sequel just improved on the first and made everything feel more badass. That and you had a more compelling lead character with some pathos. 

Prince of Persia (Hi-Res/Front Cover)

  • (PS3) Prince of Persia

I'm Giantbombs resident Prince of Persia fanatic. You want proof, go read some of the threads back when Prince of Persia 08 was coming out. I was practically losing it. What can I say, no one wall runs quite like the prince. 

  • (NDS) Professor Layton

US front cover
If there is any game on the DS worth having, it's this one. My god this game is great. Beautiful art, that look even better in the motion cutscenes. Amazing voice work, and stories that will keep you hooked 'till the end. That and the gameplay is pretty damn addicting as well. 


  • (360) Mass Effect 2

Oh man, I always wanted to get into Mass Effect. I even bought both the first one and the second on PC, but just could never get the hang of playing it with a mouse and keyboard. What can I say, I'm not really a PC gamer. But now that I got my 360, I fell in love with this game. It's so damn addicting, with some of the best voice work and facial animation around. That all leads to believable characters, even in the aliens. Love. 

  • (360) Gears of War 2

Box art for Limited Edition version of Gears of War 2.
Chainsaw. Vroom vroom. 


  • (PS3) Final Fantasy XIII

    Page Display Image
I don't understand some of the complaints for this game. Wonderful graphics, the perfect amount of cheesy Japanese melodrama, and a batlle system that rocks. One of my favorite JRPG's, aside from the Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series. 

  • (PS3) Batman: Arkham Asylum

I'm the Batman... Except my voice sounds badass. Oh hey, it's Mark Hamill. He Jokes!
Metal Gear Solid 4 Limited Edition (U.S)

  • (PS3) Metal Gear Solid 4

Due to an oversight, I accidentally forgot to put Metal Gear Solid 4. It's on here... as the crazy eleventh game. Snake? SNAKE? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE?

Oh Bombers, the sins continue...!

So I posted this blog a while ago informing people of my new purchase. Something most wouldn't expect me to buy. I haven't really gotten much use out of it beyond Muramasa, but I'm still happy I have it. But now, oh now, the sins continue. Lookie what I purchased: 

 It's a 360 S if you can't tell.
 It's a 360 S if you can't tell.

That's right I went out and also got a 360 S, mainly for Gears, and Mass Effect (although I already had Mass Effect on PC) but I'd rather play it on consoles. So yeah, I have all three consoles now. PS3 is still my main, but I might pick up a few 360 exclusives every once in a while. I prefer PS3 for exclusives and multiplats, but we'll see how this ends up. I blame you bombers... again.

I blame these Bombers for the sin I commited! What did I buy!?

So, I just picked up a Wii. Yep, me. A Wii... Shocking right? Well, I blame Linkyshinks, oldschool, and Claude. That and the people at Vanillaware for making Muramasa and tempting me into making a purchase. Here's the real kicker though, I was originally thinking about getting a black Wii, but I couldn't wait and just went and got a white one. It helped that I got it for $147, though. So you happy guys, look what you made me do.


Giantbomb Game Lincoln Force Officially Announced! (Boxart)

Nah just kidding. Was bored and was thinking how wicked the Giantbomb game Ryan pitched would be, so I took it upon myself to create the boxart. Kinda crude at the moment since I'm a bit tired, but better then nothing. Will probably change some stuff later. Feel free to post your own covers! Lincoln Force Q4 2012. 


My Final Fantasy XIII Collectors Haul (Damn)

I just realized I have a ton of Final Fantasy XIII game collectibles. Far more then any other game... I love the game though so money well spent =)

 Lightnings necklace made of Silver and Gold with three Stones
 Lightnings necklace made of Silver and Gold with three Stones

 Wall Scroll
 Wall Scroll




 Game and Limited Edition Guide
 Game and Limited Edition Guide