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@liquidprince: Yes its pretty common, because its distributed by Coca-Cola.

Weird, I was in LA a few months ago and they didn't seem to have it there.

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Was Austin drinking a Canada Dry Ginger Ale? I didn't think they had those in the states.

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Man, VR games look... boring. I'm sure there is a whole lot I'm missing by not being in the headset, but these games all look boring as hell from the outside.

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It still blows my mind when people say Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions are bad movies. They're fucking fantastic... They're not as good as the original, but they're still great. I think people overuse the word bad...

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The Amiibo drama is hilarious. Also holy shit, CCIA is a way cooler name that what it actually is.

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The only warriors games that I enjoy playing are the Pirate Warriors games, aka One Piece, and the Senran Kagura games aka boobs.

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@liquidprince: Yeah, totally misread a thing. We'll correct it next week for sure!

No worries. Just pointing it out.

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Austin was factually incorrect about the Destiny Sterling Silver boxes. They DO NOT provide end game stuff. In fact they offer the weakest gear in the game dropping at 3 light. They are essentially cosmetic. However if you LIKE the way they look you could infuse your end game gear into it and bring the light level up to the current cap of 335 light.

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Isn't Jeff "playing the game wrong" more of an indication of poor communication from the game itself more than anything?

I mean, I know sometimes the guys miss fairly obvious stuff, but from watching this, plus the early look from Drew, there doesn't seem to be anything in here that clearly communicates "Hey this isn't a cover shooter don't play it like one". If anything, a lot of the early powers seem to facilitate either popping out from cover and unloading on a guy or navigating from cover to cover quickly.

I mean the part that communicates that it isn't a cover shooter is that the enemies very aggressively flank you, and so staying in cover means death. Not everything has to be an explicit on screen text prompt. After so many years of playing games, you would expect the player to sort of piece together that if your getting a decent number of powers that help your mobility and that you are getting flanked hard and there is no dedicated cover button, maybe that means try moving around more.

If Jeff didn't "piece it together," then clearly it is not explained well. He's played a video game or two. If it's not supposed to be a cover shooter, maybe it shouldn't have cover mechanics. You can't put a feature in a game and then get mad at people for thinking they should use it.

The cover is there because it has a purpose. It's to allow the player a quick breath while they plan out their next assault. There is no dedicated cover button because they don't intend for you to stop and pop. The powers are all there to grant mobility and flanking. That is made abundantly clear in the game and reading the comments it's not a sentiment that is exclusive to me. Just because it has a cover mechanic doesn't mean that it is the central mode of intended play.

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Quick Looks are better served fresh. This complaint-ridden video was unnessary. Seemed like it was orchestrated to get others unexcited. Love how he skipped past the rad bridge sequence and glossed over, Beth, one of the best characters of the year.

The bridge sequence is actually the weakest part of the game. Remedy have never known how to do platforming, and having so many instakill parts chained together, complete with awful checkpointing, made that entire section hell to play through.

Though now that I think about it, the final boss fight might be even worse. Every time you die, you sit through a 30 second load, have to run up and hit X on a character, and then sit through either an entire cutscene or yet another 30 second load.

By the time I was done with this game, I never wanted to touch it again. Neat ideas, remarkably amateur story and execution.

Wait... you died on the bridge? It takes like 2 minutes and aside from one part, I didn't realize you could die.

I really enjoyed this game, but the final boss was TERRIBLE. I mean, he was pretty easy once you figured out what to do, but the one hit kill mechanic was freaking annoying.