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@liquidprince: even if it has games attached to it, wouldn't the original owner still have his psn login? how many playstations can one user have on at the same time?

I meant it more as a curiosity since it could be one of those crazy developer PS4's.

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@jothel: idk, I just boxed it back up because it seemed odd. When I opened it the console had finger prints on it and there was no first time boot up sequence that I was expecting. But i've never owned a Playstation 3 or 4 so I really didn't know what to expect. I bought it new from Best Buy

You should hook it up and check it out and see if you got some crazy developer PS4 that was never supposed to go into circulation, and whether or not it has any games attached to it. If not just return it an get another, because there definitely is a start up set up procedure, and there shouldn't be an existing profile on it.

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The last airbender was a show that was miles ahead of this one both in action, character development and plot but most importantly, it was not boring to kids(this is a kids show). You really think kids care about relationships and idealism and finding yourself? This stuff can't be related to.

That's some hot bullshit. You underestimate the intelligence of kids. The reason that The Last Airbender was any good, when I was watching it as a younger fellow along with my way younger brother, was because it was emotionally complex. Aang dealing with having to kill Ozai, even though it went against everything he believed in was 100% about relationships, idealism and finding yourself. And don't even get me started on Zuko... His entire journey was of idealism, relationships and self discovery. Honestly what you're spouting is such ridiculous nonsense that I can't even understand how you convinced yourself of it, because you're definitely not going to convince others.

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I also watched your video, @liquidprince. We don't actually seem to have dissenting opinions on the portrayal of their relationship at least, but in the end, you were right about what the authors' intent and I was wrong. Good video, by the way.


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That's awesome. I wasn't expecting them to ever come out and fully confirm it.

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@redhotchilimist: I thought that Amon was one of the best characters on the show. His motivations were super solid and his powers very intriguing. But I've already defended Book One to death both in this thread, and in the previous ones. I would be interested in your thoughts after rewatching though. As for the Korrasami thing, well here are my ideas in video form:

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I guess I mainly have an issue with how it's not really about the Avatar. Ozai needed the Avatar out of the way as he was the only one capable of ending the war. Amon needed the Avatar out of the way to show true dominance of his power and his movement. Unavaatu is revenge driven and knows that it his true born purpose to stomp out light and peace, which is what the Avatar is. The Red Lotus wanted to destroy the old establishment, the Avatar being a key figure in it. In all of those instance, the Avatar and their legacy was under threat. Kuvira just wanted to bring order to the Earth Kingdom and didn't really care about the Avatar one way or the other. It just comes off as Korra just being an annoyance. I mean I suppose it's nice to have variety, but when your villain doesn't really have any enmity toward your protagonist and you want to end the franchise on this, there has to be more there. I just feel like Korra was never really in any real danger here.

But that's exactly the point. Not every villain needs to be going after the Avatar for the Avatar to be relevant. The role of the Avatar is to be the one that brings balance to world. When he/she is absent, it gives rise to dictators like Kuvira who fool themselves into thinking that what they are doing is for the greater good. The Avatar is more important then ever in Book 4, not because of some plot to take her out, but because we see the imbalance that is created when she isn't there to guide and protect the world. In fact, Book 4 strongly mirrored The Last Airbender thematically. Aang was gone for 100 years and the world changed for the worse while he was gone. Korra was gone for only 3 years, and in that short time someone as potentially dangerous as Ozai was born. The world needs its Avatar.

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@redhotchilimist: I still stand by the idea that both Book One and Book Two were fucking amazing then, and are even more amazing now. If the characters weren't flawed the way they were, then you wouldn't see their growth the way you did in Book Three and Four.

I think that if Korra and Asami were meant to be a couple, they did a poor job that doesn't match the way they do their other romances. There is no doubt when Mai and Zuko, Katara and Aang, Korra/Mako/Bolin, Kai/Jinora, Opal/Bolin, Zhu Li/Varrick, Sokka/Yue/Suki, Batarr Jr./Kuvira get together or are interested in one another. Can't think of any romance they did where it's a couple of letters and a car drive and badaboom they're in love.

Love doesn't have to be romantic. They can still love each other dearly and not be in a romantic relationship. The ending was vague on purpose. The potential exists for them to be in love both ways.

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