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I can't come into this thread that often because it just makes me remember how badly I miss him. Rest in peace duder.

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Did you try getting back in from the top of the blimp? The way you first entered? I haven't gone back to the blimp to get the remaining trophies, so I'm just throwing it out there.

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@theht said:

lol well I just read who it is, and "no shit" seems like an appropriate response.

Some folks thought he coulda been Hush, which might've been cool. But yeah, I always figured Jason Todd was noticeably absent from these games, so after seeing the whole "Arkham Knight" stuff they were doing here, he was pretty much my first guess. I just really wanna play as him in his new 52 costume.

Hush makes an appearance in the game.

EDIT: Nevermind, someone already mentioned this.

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I was all for the PS4 since that E3 where Microsoft fucking things up and Sony was like "Hi, we're going to pretend like we care what you think!"

This is pretty telling of how cynical of a mindset you're in. Nothing I've seen from Sony this generation has suggested that they were "pretending" or that it's all just a ruse.

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Wait until the Riddler Race. Holy Jesus. Terrible stuff.

There's only like two races in the game. And the only difficult one is the first one. The Batmobile controls perfectly fine and I'm having a blast driving it. It's a badass vehicle that never gets in the way and helps the Bat just look so much cooler. Rocketing out and tackling someone is one of the coolest feelings.

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Persona 4 is one my favorite games of all time, and I'll gobble up any game that involves that cast. Luckily, they've all been really good so far too.

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Enjoying the hell out of it so far. The Joker sequences are super well done and fascinating, and the side stuff doesn't feel like side stuff. Every quest (for lack of a better word) is fleshed out and very interesting. The Batmobile is also pretty fun to use and so far mostly optional outside of some puzzles that require it.

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If Jon is actually dead, then I literally am rooting for the White Walkers. Fuck the Seven Kingdoms.

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@thiefsie said:

Looks pretty silly to me, nonetheless price cut and better controller is well overdue. Still not enough for me to bite in this console gen... no games yet...

I had to double check that this wasn't a comment from 2013. There are plenty of good next gen games out now.