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@liquidprince: I know what you mean, it's already driving me bonkers. I really hope the creators spill the beans at some point.

Ow... My heart... I can't handle that it's over:

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Xrd itself has a complete story recap that you can read with character backgrounds, chronological events and everything. It also has a very extensive glossary for anyone wanting to know more about specific concepts, locations or characters in the game.

The continuous blinking is only in Arcade mode, and one cannot turn that off.

The intros look like that intentionally, to provide a more authentic anime look. You can read about everything that went into creating Guilty Gear Xrd's look from a translated developer article here.

I'm sure the recap in the game itself is quite thorough, but I don't think I have the time to read through potentially hours of back story. I kind of just wanted a real quick summary of the key players and events. Also the choppiness is stupid, and definitely doesn't add to an "authentic anime look" in my opinion. I wish they gave players the choice to turn on or off the filter or whatever it is.

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@liquidprince: I think it's one of those things they're going to leave for people to interpret however they see fit. I mean, really, you can't watch that scene and tell me they weren't at least hinting at its possibility. (That or they just wanted to feed tumblr for the next 15 years)

Oh, the hinting was strong. The double hand hold and facing each other moment will feed Tumblr forever. It's the kind of thing that will sort of drive me mad though... I want a definite answer.

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That ending though... I'm so depressed the show is over! One of the greatest shows in recent years and easily up there with The Last Airbender. Man, what an emotional roller coaster. I can't even properly express into words my feelings...

Also, Korrasami. I'll be damned.

This is gonna be a hell of a topic. I'm not really certain that they were implying that they got together, but I'm sure there will be a ton of people who will be claiming that they did. It seemed to me that they just became friends with an unbreakable bond. Either way, it was a hell of a shot to leave the show off on. The only thing that disappointed me a little was that they never showed her coming back in contact with her past lives. That's a tad depressing.

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While I appreciate Korra's newfound reluctance to just smash everything in the face until her problems get solved, I'm not sure that threatening people with weirdly sadistic and unusual forms of punishment for technically not doing anything wrong is much better. For all the talk about him betraying his family... he's in an army! He's friggin' engaged to the leader of said army! What he's doing is completely reasonable, even if he does have a chip on his shoulder against his parents that seems to be egging him on.

Not doing anything wrong? What the bloody hell are you talking about? Kuvira is forcing all the people who are not Earth Benders out of the Earth Nation and sending them to what are essentially slave camps. She threatened to destroy the city that Aang and Zuko founded for a super petty reason, even though the only reason that Aang and Zuko created Republic City was because the people of the Earth Nation wanted them to do so. After the hundred year war both Aang and Zuko tried to make the people from the Fire Nation who had ended up living in the Earth Kingdoms leave and return back to the Fire Nation. But the people revolted against them because they had started new families during the time of war. People of the Fire Nation had married people of the Earth Nations and now lived peacefully together. Instead of forcing them out, Aang made a deal with the Earth King to give them some land, to create Republic City, a place where people of any Nation could comfortably live. Kuvira is spitting in the face of Aang and Zuko by threatening to destroy the city.

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I've never played a Guilty Gear game before, and I know that the story in most fighting games isn't that important, but I'm still interested in being a bit more informed before jumping in too heavily. Story is kind of a good way to push me from one character to another when I'm trying to decide who I want to main. I did a bit of research online and got a vague sense of what's going on, but I could be wrong. Tell me if I'm mistaken on some point, or am missing something significant.

  • Gears were created to be the next evolution of humans, but for some reason most are crazy and revert to base instinct and want to go and kill humans.
  • Someone named "That Man" helped create the Gears and his first prototype was someone called Frederick, who ends up being Sol Badguy.
  • Another Gear that was created was named Justice, but she was special in that she could control other Gears.
  • Justice starts a war and ends up killing a bunch of people.
  • Ky Kiske is appointed the leader of some order of strong fighters whose goal is to combat the Gears. Ky joins up with Sol and they end up killing Justice.
  • Another Gear named Testament later tries to revive Justice.

And that's about as much as I think I understand. I'm not sure which of the characters aside from Sol and Ky are significant and why or the exact timeline events. Any help would be appreciated, and any information on the characters that are present in Xrd would be cool.

Aside from that, two questions: 1) Is there a way to turn off that stupid flashing logo that appears whenever you're playing a single player mode? The thing on top of the screen that says something like "Arcade Mode" or "Versus Mode" and continuously blinks. 2) Why are the intro's so choppy? It's so jarring going from in game smooth 60FPS to whatever the frame rate of the intro and outro's are.

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@humanity: Even if that was the case, Rise of the Tomb Raider was already well into development when Microsoft stepped in and made it exclusive. Street Fighter hadn't left the ground until Sony stepped up. That's the main difference I think.

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How about consider that if Sony hadn't stepped in, their might not have been a SF5 at all. Capcom isn't doing amazing financially, so it makes a trillion times more sense for them to make the game with Sony rather then say Microsoft, who has sold like, what, three consoles in Japan? You should be more annoyed at something like Rise of the Tomb Raider, where the only reason it's exclusive is because Microsoft put money on the table to make it so and Square/Eidos (who isn't doing terribly financially) took it, because... money.

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Maybe call the cops and ask them to look around. Could be something dangerous happening to someone. It's not really your responsibility to go and check it out, but you could at least call the cops and tell them you have been hearing screaming.

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You're also gonna miss out on the get every person to join the Inquisition trophy, if those sort of things matter to you.