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I heard him yell "idiot" in the Metal Gear Scanlon stuff, but that isn't really cursing. Although Dan seems to be rubbing off on him. Soon he'll be throwing out F-bombs like a champ. A foul mouthed champ.

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Origin's easily had the best story of all the Arkham games, but the gameplay wasn't quite as good as Asylum or City. It also didn't have the badass set piece style moments akin to the Scarecrow stuff in Asylum, or rather, it didn't have that many of them.

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Saying "Book 2 is bad" but just not great quality. After the start of "Book 1" and what was going on "Book 3", "Book 2" can't even claim to be an "awkward middle chapter". Really, there was plenty of good stuff in "Book 2" but a lot junk that didn't work as well and that is why people think it is...bad. Korra's actions and motivations were weird and only done to service the plot specific to "Book 2" and then abandoned and forgotten (thank god!).

Her motivations were not that weird. It was just to show that she was a socially awkward person, because she had not been outside of the White Lotus encampment since she was discovered to be the Avatar. Also ever since she was a kid, she loved being the Avatar, and so having people constantly tell her what she can and can't do put a strain on her. She was left in the dark and didn't know that the whole reason she was being locked up was actually as a form of protection, so you can't really blame her for having some trust issues.

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@liquidprince: That's why I generally am wary of backfilling in fiction: even if new information does cast a different light on prior events, that doesn't change the poor experience I had viewing those events the first time.

Anyway, Zaheer's reveal about Unalaq did not substantially change how I viewed his character or motives, so how that information was delivered is sort of a moot point.

Then that is where we differ. I love when any form of entertainment goes back and makes you look at old information under new light. It makes things that didn't seem quit as significant originally stand out in a cool way, and reshapes some of what you thought of older happenings. As long as the new information doesn't create plot holes or inconsistencies, then I'm all for them. In Korra's case, Book 3 added to Unalaq's back story in a very intelligent way.

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@liquidprince: If that's what that Raava/Vaatu stuff was intended to convey, may I submit that the writers did a piss poor job of it. Zaheer's anarchist philosophy is validated in Book 3 because the writers demonstrate that the Earth Kingdom's traditional monarchy has created a disenfranchised underclass. That's why they took great pains to show us how fucked up Ba Singh Se was: to elevate Zaheer from gormless thug to kinda almost making sense.

In my opinion, the writers do nothing nearly as interesting with Unalaq. The ramifications of the Dark Avatar are indeed tremendous, but there's nothing to say there, no larger point: he's just a bad guy who wants to mess everything up. If Book 2 has any driving ideological theme, it's about traditionalism and dogmatism with the water tribe stuff, but they abandon that angle by the time Raava and Vaatu show up.

I don't think it's fair to judge Unalaq while only looking at what happens in book 2. While each season of Korra can stand on it's own, every succeeding season sheds some new information on the preceding one. In this case, much of the significance of what he was trying to do was expanded upon in Book 3, where it was revealed that he was originally part of the Red Lotus as well, but splintered off in order to achieve a variation of the type of chaos that Zaheer wanted. While Zaheer wanted anarchy and a world where there were no rulers, Unalaq wanted instead the world under one rule. He wanted to use the powers of the Dark Avatar to become the one master of the world. It stems from a similar ideology, then separates into a very different thing in practice. The cool thing about Book 3 was that it explained a lot of why Korra was so closely guarded by the White Lotus all her life, which is also why she became so socially awkward.

The through line so far in every season has been someone who has tried to prove that the role of the Avatar has become irrelevant, so much so that it finally broke Korra in Book 3. Amon wanted to take the thing that makes the Avatar unique away from her, in the form of her Bending. Unalaq wanted to be the mirror image of the Avatar and throw the world into chaos instead of letting it exist in peace. Zaheer wanted something similar to Unalaq, except with no Avatar at all, be it Dark or Light.

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@matthewthebeast: In a series that deals with a lot of mysticism, not knowing the exact science behind what is going on at the time that you write something isn't something that I find necessarily damnable. The creators had a vague idea about what Jinora was doing, which was accelerating Raava's return and that eventually led to the Air Benders finally having their sub-elemental technique in Astral Projection. Working with a cool visual and idea and then justifying it later can be part of the creative process and I see nothing wrong with them saying they didn't know the specifics of what was happening in that scene. It ended up being something real cool and significant and they were up front about it.

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@liquidprince: For me, Book 2's deepest failing was that it got away from what I thought the series did best. Although the Avatar universe is pretty fanciful with all the kung fu magic, the conflicts in the series are, at their core, ideological. But at some point in Book 2, the whole thing just veers into hoary fantasy cliche: some power-hungry wizard wants to free his dark god from an ancient prison. No thanks.

I'd have been much happier if Book 2 was just about a holy war between water tribes, with Varrick being a sleazy corporate warmonger on the side. The way the season actually ended, with a giant kaiju battle in Republic City bay, just struck me as laughable, like a parody.

That Book 3 had much lower stakes by comparison, and managed to tell a gripping story while still being somewhat grounded, made it much stronger overall.

The core conflict in Book 2 was ideological. Unalaq was questioning the entire way that the Avatar world had been set up for us the viewers since The Last Airbender; that there was only one being that could bridge the two worlds and bring balance to them both. The ramifications of a Dark Avatar are tremendous. To have another being in that universe that could potentially master all four elements, but be a proponent of chaos like the Red Lotus, as opposed to peace is, the most base ideology. Peace versus chaos.

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@liquidprince: My problem with it is that the writers and creators could to better than the middle part of that season. It shows with how that season ended. And it also shows how season 3 ended up. They are clearly very, VERY talented and know exactly how to tell a wonderful story.

I felt the entire season was very strong. The complaints I heard from a few people in person was that they felt it didn't have enough action. But for me, I'm all about good story telling and world building, and that is what the majority of Book 2 was. The build up is what allows for the action climax scenes to actually feel climactic. The most emotional thing that happened to me in Book 2 was Raava telling Korra that she was the Avatar, and that she shouldn't give up and that felt emotional, not only because of what that statement means in the world of Avatar, but because everything in the season was building up to the fight with Raava and Vaatu.

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Book 2 was great. I really don't understand the hate for it. It was a slower season overall, but it built up to something great. I can't wait for Book 4!

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