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Android is the best operating system for phones, if you like a huge library of apps and a ton of customization. iOS is good for people who just want a lot of apps, but don't really care about changing anything about their phones. Windows phone is for no one. Only reason to get a Windows phone is if you want a Nokia phone with the ridiculously high MP count on their cameras, but at the point, you may as well just get a dedicated point and shoot and go with a better phone.

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I dunno what would be better... If it is your tattoo, or it isn't. Who ever that tattoo belongs to, I hope he has no regerts.

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Could I possibly eat an entire Little Caesar's large pizza? Yes, but not in one hour. I'd probably eat half of it, or a little over half, in one sitting, and then come back a few hours later, re-heat it, and then finish it off.

I never eat quite that much, though. I certainly eat at least half of it, but not the whole thing.

Is Little Caesar's good pizza? It's all right at best. But as long as I can walk in without calling and get a large pizza for $5 with minimal waiting, then it has a pretty good reason to exist.

This response has a different tone to it then the one you gave on a previous page. Then again that post was like from three years ago. Three years later, I still maintain that Caesars Pizza is fucking terrible.

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Sweet. RE6 was a great game. Bring on seven.

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Having the word Shoemaker in the title of a game seems to be a pretty light premise for starting a thread. Especially when you aren't really saying much about it. Get back to me when you find a game with the word Gerstmann in it.

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You guys seem to behind on the world of stupid internet trends. Video selfies have started to become a thing for while now.

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It was fun and I watched the whole thing, but I've literally heard Jeff answer every one of those questions multiple times before. That probably says something more about me... but eh.

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I think you missed the point about both Naoto and Kanji. Naoto didn't want to be a man: she wanted to be accepted and taken as seriously as a man would in a profession that is largely male oriented. She felt that if she acted like a male, she would be taken more seriously, and a large part of her growth was realizing that she didn't need to be a male to get respect. She was also frustrated because even acting as a male, she was still treated as a kid, which helped her realize that it wasn't being a man or a woman, but that adults usually just act condescending towards young people.

As for Kanji, he is not gay or even bisexual. Aside from his dungeon, there is nothing that points towards him being gay and in fact there are multiple instances that show his keen interest towards woman, getting nosebleeds, mentioning how cute certain female characters are and generally feeling shy around them. What Kanji is however is confused. After confronting his shadow, he even states something along the lines of "it wasn't a matter of dudes or chicks, it was just people in general. I was just afraid of getting rejected." The reason he needs to keep reiterating that he isn't gay, is because Yosuke keeps teasing him. Kanji's shadow was an extreme manifestation of his confusion, just as everyone else's shadows were extreme manifestations. It's just that with Kanji and Naoto, there issues were a tad more complicated.

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Sugoi Squirt Soda.