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@rupertthebear said:

i cant join in the game for some reason. I downloaded it and hit play and it take me to the sign up beta site

Same here... boo

Me too.

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Smoked for 10 years, haven't had one in 4 years.
My chest feels better, don't smell like shit and close to $19,000 better off (cigs are expensive in Canada).

It's tough to do but far from impossible. GL.

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I went to Seattle this christmas and a chinese girl that I met on the internet showed me around for the days I was there.

Everything went ok and I did enjoy my time. However, in the last day there she asked me what do I think of the city, and my response was:

"I like the city. There's lots of beautiful Starbucks, the food is good, and the people are nice. It's just too bad you are all Americans".

That last sentence is where I fucked up. She then got a straight face and asked me "What's wrong with being an American?" And I didn't know what to

say. I was quiet for a few seconds and then I said that I'm joking and changed the subject.

Everything seemd to be fine after that, but I can't help but feel that I offended her. Do you think I was maybe too insensitive about it in a way?

I'm still in contact with her and I don't know if I should apologise or let it be.

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Demo for Europa is out and here is a ton of gameplay footage by Youtube's Quill18.

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Big seat to fill.

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Somehow I'm still here in Calgary too.

If there was something in town that involved drinking I'd probably show up.

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Just bought it. Wont be able to wear it out of the house but goes to a great cause so got it extra big and figured it could be my "sitting on the computer all day Sunday playing games" shirt.

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Well said.

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First time in my life im generally sad about someone I never met dying.

Feels odd.


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Who isn't Matt Rorie? more like.