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Am I the only one who really, really liked Hohokum?

No, I really enjoyed it too. The game is much more enjoyable when organically exploring the different worlds. But once I saw the majority of the game, I fell into old tendencies trying to find all the worlds and collect everything in all the levels. Once I did that, it became very frustrating because of the ambiguous way the levels connect with each other.

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I sent a join request. (LiquidSaiyan3 on PS4)

Given that the communication tools on are lacking, I'd suggest creating a private group on
I've been using the site for a while, and it's great for setting up games in advance and coordinating via their chatroom.

I was part of Lincoln Force, but never got anything going because I always missed people's messages.

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I primarily watch on the Roku. On the rare occasion I catch anything live, it's with a laptop connected to my TV.

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I've found great for getting groups for raids and nightfalls. I wouldn't mind helping out. I've got some experience with both raids, and free most evenings (EST)

I'll try and add you later, but if you get to it before me, I'm LiquidSaiyan3 on PS4.

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I believe you have to use

This is how I have it in PocketCasts:

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This is great. I was waiting to see who would jump first on integrating the major streaming services.

Now I patiently wait for an Rdio announcement...

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I'm going!

Will be my first time and it's nice to actually have tickets available for a gaming convention.

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You can do anything you put your mind to!

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Damn. Scoops tuggin' at them heart strings. All I can say is I love you @patrickklepek, Don't be a stranger.