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This is great! Thanks for doing this.

PSN ID: LiquidSaiyan3

Level/Class: 28/Warlock

Experience Level: Ran the raid once, but was carried through a glitch run without much explanation

Preferred time slot/Date: Saturday/Sunday 5:00PM GMT / 10:00AM PST

Perferred raid level (Hard/Normal) Normal (for now)

Notes I have a mic

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@49th said:

Okami, that game ended about 3 times and then I just gave up.

This. The completely illogical pacing killed it for me.

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@perfidioussinn said:

The level transitions are very painful to get hit by, but not every stage has them

In that there is exactly one stage that doesn't have them sure (Atlantis).

IIRC Ferris Aircraft didn't have a level transition either.

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Check out Scurvy Scallywags. It's a free to play match 3 game, but there's a purpose to when/where you match pieces because your character and enemies are also on the board.

I haven't spent too much time with Strata, but I picked it up on someone else's recommendation and it looks like it fits your criteria quite nicely.

For paid games I'd recommend Hitman Go and Threes. Or for something FTL-esque, Out There

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Yeah, the interface is unchanged. There is no search and you're limited to a few of the latest videos (I would guess around 30-40 per category.) My only other nag is that I sometimes have to quit to the home screen and re-open the app if I back out of a video and then try to resume play.

Streaming quality is good, and you have access to archived subscriber content. No access to live subsciber content though, as stated above.

I used to use the unofficial app for the free live shows, but that stopped working recently. I'll have to try the unofficial Twitch app to see if it makes a difference.

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@newhaap said:

It's free? ...what's the catch?

US only?