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This isn't Origin Bundle related, but I have an extra key for Swords & Soldiers HD that could use a home.


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Sign me up!

PSN: LiquidSaiyan3

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I wasn't expecting much, but I'm left thoroughly impressed. I feel much better with Cerny at the helm of the next-generation.

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Not really, unless you try reflowing the PS3. I didn't have too much luck when I tried it (PS3 only booted for about 20 minutes) but I also didn't use a proper heat gun either.

The PS3 also uses some proprietary file system on the hard drive that isn't recognized when you connect it to a computer. Not to mention the data is locked to the console it was formatted on, so you can't even pop the drive into a working PS3 to get data off.

If your friend REALLY wants to get those saves off, the only option would be to try a reflow and back up the data when the system boots again. I wouldn't use the system after reflowing as it's bound to need it again. It's not a permanent fix, unfortunately.

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I dont see why it would ask you to format the old drive. Just pop the original one in, back up your stuff and you should be ok.

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I'm surprised no one mentioned this already but SAVE YOUR GAME AND SAVE A LOT.

ME1 particularly has no check-pointing whatsoever and even if you have auto-save on, the points at which it does so is too far apart for comfort. Even on Normal I died enough where the infrequent auto-saves ticked me off a bit.

ME2 does a MUCH better job at this though. My first time through I never did a hard save as it was super generous with the auto-saves.

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@Zenaxzd said:

My plan currently is to have every single member of my team die in the mission, but still have Shepard live of course. I am not even sure if it is possible to have everyone die but I guess I will find out soon enough.

In case you really want to find out yourself, I'll spoiler tag this, but...

I'm almost certain you need at least one, if not two squad mates to survive to help lift you onto the Normandy at the very end.
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I'm not sure about the PSP games since I don't keep them on my PS3. I'm assuming you're sorting by Album? If so, it at least sounds like you can't do it that way.

You should be able to sort by Format instead by pressing Square (I think) on the XMB. That way it auto sorts everything by PS3 games, PS1 games, etc, which sounds like exactly what you want it to do.

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Not really. If memory serves correctly they just provided vouchers to download the anniversary maps for use in Reach and Master Chief avatar outfits...

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Winner: Ghost Trick

Runner-up: Shadows of the Damned