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The preview coverage on this was really positive, bought it first day, and beat it a few hours later.

Such garbage.

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I saw the new Robocop. I liked it. That is all.

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I just recently picked up Kingdom Rush and have been enjoying that a lot. And this is from someone who doesn't typically like tower defense games.

Also check out Time Surfer (endless runner) and The Room if you haven't already.

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I wish you could specify releases in Darkadia and get proper box art depending on what version of a game you have. I'd love for more frequent updates to that site.

The only other organization tool I've used is VGCollect. They're a little better with box art, especially with unique releases like limited editions. They also support hardware and accessories, if you're into that.

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@rahulricky: 1) Nope, no Bluetooth support.

2) Disregarding the price difference, I'd go for the XL. Especially since you're just using it at home, the bigger screen is a plus.

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I want them to go back where it all began and detail the exploits of Papa Carmine and his clan.

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The only two I'm aware of are Darkadia and VGCollect. Both are free and web-based.

I haven't used either extensively, but they seem comparable. The only major difference I've noticed are that VGCollect also can track your hardware (consoles and accessories) and has a mobile version of their site. Darkadia uses the Giant Bomb API to pull their game data, so that might sway you too.

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Eufloria should keep you busy for the whole trip.

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